LIC AAO Exam Computer Knowledge MCQs

  • 2. How many modes or view are available to open a query?
A.) 2
B.) 5
C.) 6
D.) 7

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 3. A memo data type of access can hold ____ characters.
A.) 33000
B.) 32000
C.) 34000
D.) 35000

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 4. Which symbol is used to right align the text in table?
A.) <
B.) @
C.) >
D.) $

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 5. How many types of database objects are there in MS Access?
A.) 5
B.) 6
C.) 7
D.) 8

Answer: Option 'C'


  • 6. How many types of relationships are there in MS Access?
A.) 3
B.) 4
C.) 5
D.) 6

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 7. Attributes can be defined for
A.) Pages
B.) Macro
C.) Switch Board
D.) Entity

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 8. ...... is a process of summarising data from more than one source.
A.) Data Validation
B.) Data Filter
C.) Data Form
D.) Data Consolidation

Answer: Option 'D'

Data Consolidation

  • 9. When we create a chart on a separate sheet in the same workbook it is called a
A.) View chart
B.) Chart sheet
C.) Embedded chart
D.) View sheet

Answer: Option 'B'

Chart sheet

  • 10. In order to tell Excel that we are entering a formula in cell we must begin the with an operator such as
A.) =
B.) @
C.) >
D.) <

Answer: Option 'A'


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