Computer Questions for NICL AO Mains for 2019


Which of the following conditions is responsible for occurrence of context switching?

   A.) When one process expires and a new one is loaded from a ready queue
   B.) No processes are in the ready queue
   C.) When a process is running
   D.) When the CPU is at rest

Answer: Option 'A'

A context switching comes into the picture when the time period provided for one process is over and a new process is loaded from the ready queue for processing.


What does BASIC stands for? 

   A.) Beginner’s All-purpose Simple Instruction Code 
   B.) Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Intention Code
   C.) Beginner’s All-purpose symbolic Instruction code 
   D.) Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Cell

Answer: Option 'C'

BASIC stands for Beginner’s All-purpose symbolic Instruction code.


The software that is used to create text based documents is referred as :

   A.) DBMS
   B.) Suits 
   C.) Spreadsheets 
   D.) Word processor 

Answer: Option 'D'

Word processors are used to create text-based documents.


Which combinational package of layers in OSI model is equivalent to an application layer of TCP/ IP model?

   A.) Transport, Session & Application Layers
   B.) Session, Presentation & Application Layers
   C.) Data Link , Transport & Presentation Layers
   D.) Network, Session & Application Layers

Answer: Option 'B'

Session, Presentation & Application Layers of OSI model are combined to a single layer called application layer in the TCP model.


The smallest unit of information, a computer can understand and process is known as ________.

   A.) Digit 
   B.) Byte 
   C.) Megabyte 
   D.) Bit 

Answer: Option 'D'

Bit is the smallest unit of information.

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