Current Affairs Quiz 11th August 2018 | RRB Group D

  • 1. How many Additional Advocates Generals (AAG) were appointed by Karnataka government recently?
   A.) 3
   B.) 4
   C.) 5
   D.) 6

Answer: Option 'B'

The Karnataka government has appointed 4 Additional Advocates Generals to represent the government in the Principal Bench of the High Court of Karnataka. The AAGs are A.S. Ponnanna, N. Dinesh Rao, Sandesh J. Chouta, and Nitin Ramesh.

  • 2. What type of galaxy did the astronomers discover lately using the Indian Telescope, Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT)?
   A.) Spiral Galaxy
   B.) Radio Galaxy
   C.) Elliptical Galaxy
   D.) Irregular Galaxy

Answer: Option 'B'

Astronomers, from Pune, used an Indian telescope, Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), and discovered the most distant radio galaxy ever known. The galaxy is located at a distance of 12 billion light-years.

  • 3. On 8th August 2018, the NITI Aayog and the CII announced a partnership to work on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of India. Expand CII?
   A.) Committee of Indian Industries
   B.) Commercial and Industrial Institutions
   C.) Confederation of Indian Industries
   D.) Commission of Indian Industries

Answer: Option 'C'

​Confederation of Indian Industries

  • 4. Who has been handed the honour of being the Indian contingent's flag bearer at the 2018 Asian Games?
   A.) Neeraj Chopra
   B.) Annu Rani
   C.) Vinesh Phogat
   D.) Seema Punia

Answer: Option 'A'

​Neeraj Chopra

  • 5. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the first phase of UP Deference Corridor in _____ on 11th August 2018?
   A.) Lucknow
   B.) Allahabad
   C.) Jaipur
   D.) Aligarh

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 6. What is the ranking of India as per the Environmental Performance Index 2018?
   A.) 100
   B.) 151
   C.) 177
   D.) 167

Answer: Option 'C'

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranking, India has been placed 177th rank out of 180 countries on the Environmental Performance Index 2018.

  • 7. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the continuation of PMGSY beyond the 12th five year plan period. What does “S” represent in PMGSY?
   A.) Samar
   B.) Siksha
   C.) Sadak
   D.) Saubhagya

Answer: Option 'C'


  • 8. Where was Operation “Madad” launched by the Southern Naval Command (SNC) on 9th August 2018, to carry out disaster relief operations due to the floods?
   A.) Goa
   B.) Chennai 
   C.) Kerala
   D.) Thrissur 

Answer: Option 'C'


  • 9. Who participate in the men’s single category for India at Vietnam Open Championship?
   A.) Shri Naresh iyer
   B.) Shri Vijay kumar
   C.) Shri Ajay Shriram
   D.) Shri Suresh kumar

Answer: Option 'C'

​Shri Ajay Shriram

  • 10. Which bank partner with Paypal to offer Seamless Payment Experiences?
   A.) Dena bank
   B.) ICICI Bank
   C.) HDFC Bank
   D.) Canara Bank

Answer: Option 'C'

​HDFC Bank