Computer Aptitude Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains - 20th January 2019


Which of the following topologies has the highest reliability?

   A.) Star topology
   B.) Bus topology
   C.) Ring topology
   D.) Mesh topology

Answer: Option 'D'

In the mesh topology, each computer is connected to the other with a separate physical link in a network. It is most reliable topology as the network does not get down in case one of the nodes is failed.


Which of the following is used to open file menu options in current program?

   A.) Ctrl+F
   B.) Shift+F
   C.) Alt+F
   D.) Alt+Ctrl+F

Answer: Option 'C'



e-Governance is generally understood as the use of Information and Communication Technology at all the level of the Government to provide services to the citizens. Which among the following are the types of interactions in e-Governance?

   A.) G2B
   B.) G2G
   C.) G2E
   D.) All of the above 

Answer: Option 'D'

e-Governance facilitates interaction between different stake holders in governance. These interactions may be described as follows:


How should you print a selected area of a worksheet, if you’ll want to print a different area next time?

   A.) On the file menu, point to print area, and then click set print area.
   B.) On the file menu, click print, and then click Print Selection under print settings
   C.) On the view menu, click custom views, then click add
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'B'

User can select an area and then print the selected section by clicking on print selection in the print settings


Which of the following units performs the arithmetic tasks (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and logical operations?  

   A.) Input unit
   B.) Control unit
   C.) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
   D.) Storage unit

Answer: Option 'C'

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) performs arithmetic and logical operations. On the other hand, control unit extracts instructions from the computer memory, decodes and executes instructions, and takes help of the ALU if required. Storage unit or memory unit is used to store the data, while the input is used to enter data into the computer.

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