Exam Based Questions - Current Affairs Questions Quiz Set 3

  • 1. In which country does 2018 APEC [Asia Pacific Economic co-operation] Summit will be held?
A.) Papua New Guinea
B.) Swizter land
C.) France
D.) Singapore

Answer: Option 'A'

Papua New Guinea

  • 2. Who is appointed as Americas new ambassador to India by America senet
A.) Nikki Haley
B.) Scott Brown
C.) Kenneth Juster
D.) Woody Johnson

Answer: Option 'C'

Kenneth Juster

  • 3. Who was presented with 2017 IIFA special Award?
A.) Main sharma
B.) A.R. Rahman
C.) Ilaya Raja
D.) Thaman

Answer: Option 'B'

A.R. Rahman

  • 4. Who was appointed as Managing Director and CEO of National stock Exchange (NSE) in July 2017?
A.) Chitra Ramkrishna
B.) Y.V Reddy
C.) Ravi Chandran
D.) Vikran Limaye

Answer: Option 'D'

Vikran Limaye

  • 5. Who held office as Nagaland chifminister in july 2017?
A.) T.R. Zeliang
B.) Shurzelie Liezietsu
C.) Padmanabha Balakrishna
D.) Sarbanand Sonowal

Answer: Option 'A'

T.R. Zeliang