Computer Questions for YES Bank Officers 2018


Verification of a login name and password is known as: 

   A.) configuration
   B.) accessibility
   C.) authentication
   D.) logging off

Answer: Option 'C'

Authentication is the process of recognizing a user's identity.


Which of the following key combination should we use to apply center alignment to a paragraph in MS Word? 

   A.) Ctrl + S
   B.) Ctrl + C
   C.) Ctrl + C + A
   D.) Ctrl + E

Answer: Option 'D'

Ctrl+E is the short cut key for centre alignment of text.


Which of the following statements is true for three-tier architecture?  

   A.) It is easy to setup
   B.) It has a simply structure
   C.) It provides high network traffic
   D.) It is more secure

Answer: Option 'D'

In the three-tier architecture, there is an additional server, called the application server, between the client and database servers. The application server reduces the work of the database server, thereby making application processing efficient. It is more secure because the client cannot access the database directly. However, it is more complex to build.


To ‘maximize’ a window means to: 

   A.) Fill it to capacity 
   B.) Expand it to fit the desktop 
   C.) Put only like files inside 
   D.) Drag it to the Recycle Bin 

Answer: Option 'B'

‘maximize’ a window means expanding it to fit the desktop.


Who is the chief of Microsoft?

   A.) Babbage
   B.) Bill Gates
   C.) Bill Clinton
   D.) Bush

Answer: Option 'B'

Bill Gates is the chief of Microsoft.

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