General and Banking Awareness Quiz Set - 8 Questions and Answers


At which of the following rates does the central bank lend to bank's against government securities?

   A.) Repo Rate
   B.) Bank Rate
   C.) Reverse Repo Rate
   D.) SCR

Answer: Option 'B'

Bank Rate


On the current account balances maintained by the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) with them, the Commercial Bank may

   A.) pay interest upto 9%
   B.) waive incidental charges
   C.) pay interest at applicable to saving accounts
   D.) pay interest at such rates as may be mutually agreed to

Answer: Option 'D'

pay interest at such rates as may be mutually agreed to


Which of the following acts has specially been launched facilitate banks in recovery of bad loans?

   A.) RBI Act
   B.) FERA
   C.) Banking Regulation
   D.) Sarfaesi Act

Answer: Option 'D'

Sarfaesi Act


Which of the following is called the Bankers Bank India?

   A.) State Bank of India
   B.) RBI
   D.) Central Bank of India

Answer: Option 'B'



Which of the following sector(s) contributes maximum to the National Income of India?

   A.) Services
   B.) Agriculture
   C.) Industry
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'


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