General and Banking Awareness Quiz Set - 8 Questions and Answers


Which public sector bank has launched its 'Bank of Wheel' project in Nagaland to deliver banking services even where there is no branch?

   A.) State Bank of India
   B.) Syndicate Bank
   C.) PNB
   D.) Central Bank of India

Answer: Option 'D'

Central Bank of India


Who is responsible for the preparation and presentation of union budget to the parliament?

   A.) Department of Ravenge
   B.) Department of Expenditure
   C.) Department of Economic Affairs
   D.) Department of Financial Services

Answer: Option 'C'

Department of Economic Affairs


On the current account balances maintained by the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) with them, the Commercial Bank may

   A.) pay interest upto 9%
   B.) waive incidental charges
   C.) pay interest at applicable to saving accounts
   D.) pay interest at such rates as may be mutually agreed to

Answer: Option 'D'

pay interest at such rates as may be mutually agreed to


Which of the following acts has specially been launched facilitate banks in recovery of bad loans?

   A.) RBI Act
   B.) FERA
   C.) Banking Regulation
   D.) Sarfaesi Act

Answer: Option 'D'

Sarfaesi Act


Which of the following is called the Bankers Bank India?

   A.) State Bank of India
   B.) RBI
   D.) Central Bank of India

Answer: Option 'B'



At which of the following rates does the central bank lend to bank's against government securities?

   A.) Repo Rate
   B.) Bank Rate
   C.) Reverse Repo Rate
   D.) SCR

Answer: Option 'B'

Bank Rate


Which of the following is not a Private Bank of India?

   A.) Yes Bank
   B.) HDFC Bank
   C.) AXIS Bank
   D.) IDBI Bank

Answer: Option 'D'



Which of the following is not a social Assistance Programme launched by the government of India? 

   A.) Annapurna Scheme
   B.) Indira Awaas Yojna
   C.) National Old Age Pension Scheme
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'D'

All of the above


Which of the following service provided by a bank in India is not liable for taxation for service tax as per existing laws?

   A.) Credit cards
   B.) Safe deposit lockers
   C.) Merchant banking services
   D.) Discount earned on certain discounted bus

Answer: Option 'A'

Credit cards


Reserve Bank of India has decided to help banks, as a temporary measure, by providing additional liquidity support under LAF. What is the full form of LAF?

   A.) Long Awaited Funds
   B.) Loan Against Funds
   C.) Loan Adjustment Fund
   D.) Liquidity Adjustment Facility

Answer: Option 'D'

Liquidity Adjustment Facility


Which of the following products launched by most of the banks help farmers in getting instant credit for various agricultural purposes?

   A.) ATM card
   B.) Personal loan
   C.) Kisan Credit Card
   D.) Business loans

Answer: Option 'C'

Kisan Credit Card


Which of the following products of a bank is specifically designed to provide financial help to children in their higher studies in India or in a foreign nation?

   A.) Personal Loan
   B.) Corporate loan
   C.) Education loan
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'C'

Education loan


Where is the headquarters of International Monetary Fund?

   A.) Geneva
   B.) Paris
   C.) London
   D.) Washington DC

Answer: Option 'D'

Washington DC


Who among the following was the chairperson of the committee set up by the RBI on 'Customer Services in Banks'?

   A.) D subbarao
   B.) Deepak Parekh
   C.) YV Reddy
   D.) M Damodran

Answer: Option 'D'

M Damodran


Which of the following sector(s) contributes maximum to the National Income of India?

   A.) Services
   B.) Agriculture
   C.) Industry
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'



Decline in the price of goods and services is technically known as

   A.) inflation
   B.) deflation
   C.) negative growth
   D.) discount yield

Answer: Option 'B'



Index 'Residx' is associated with

   A.) Share Prices
   B.) Mutual Fund Prices
   C.) Land Prices
   D.) Price Inflation Index

Answer: Option 'C'

Land Prices


Who among the following cannot open 'No Frill Account' in a Bank?

   A.) Agricultural Labourer
   B.) Farmer
   C.) A Labourer in unorganised sector
   D.) A small firm selling white goods

Answer: Option 'D'

A small firm selling white goods


Basel - II norms are associated with which of the following aspects of the banking industry?

   A.) Risk management
   B.) Manpower planning
   C.) Retirement benefits for the employees
   D.) Corporate governance

Answer: Option 'A'

Risk management

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