General and Banking Awareness Quiz Set - 9 Questions and Answers


The Union Government recently subscribed to preferential equity shares issued by which of following public sector banks?

   A.) State Bank of India and PNB
   B.) PNB and Union Bank of India
   C.) SBI and UCO Bank
   D.) Bank of Baroda and Canara bank

Answer: Option 'A'

State Bank of India and PNB


Which of the following is not considered infrastructural sector of the economy?

   A.) Electricity
   B.) Textile Sector
   C.) Telecom
   D.) Cement

Answer: Option 'B'

Textile Sector


Which of the following services/products of banks is specially designed and launched to help students?

   A.) Personal loans
   B.) Corporate
   C.) Education loan
   D.) Medical loan

Answer: Option 'C'

Education loan


Standard and poor's is a credit rating agency of international repute. Which of the following is one such agency of Indian origin?

   A.) IBA
   B.) BASEL
   C.) SEBI

Answer: Option 'D'



Which of the following accounts for the highest share in India's foreign exchange reserves?

   A.) Foreign currency assets
   B.) Gold reserves
   C.) Special depository receipts
   D.) Gilt-edged-markets

Answer: Option 'A'

Foreign currency assets


As per new guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), companies are required to list shares with in how many days of the closure of the initial Public Offer (IPO)

   A.) 25 days
   B.) 30 days
   C.) 20 days
   D.) 35 days

Answer: Option 'B'

30 days


Which of the following organization prepares rural credit plans on annual basis for all districts in India, which in turn from the base for annual credit plans of all rural financial institutions?

   A.) SIDBI
   C.) RBI
   D.) Indian Bank's Association

Answer: Option 'B'



The Government of India has created a Women's Self Help Grop Development Fund so that it can reduce their Interest burden. What is the size of the fund?

   A.) Rs. 100 crore
   B.) Rs. 200 crore
   C.) Rs. 250 crore
   D.) Rs. 500 crore

Answer: Option 'D'

Rs. 500 crore


Which of the following countries government a new bailout package with the help of the private sector?

   A.) Germany
   B.) France
   C.) USA
   D.) Greece

Answer: Option 'D'



Which of the following schemes has been launched to provide parental and postnatal care mother and child?

   A.) Promotion of nutri cereals
   B.) Jan Mitra Yojana
   C.) Janani Suraksha Yojana
   D.) National mission for protein supplements

Answer: Option 'C'

Janani Suraksha Yojana


Which of the following is the biggest tax paying sectors in India?

   A.) Agriculture Sector
   B.) Industrial Sector
   C.) Banking Sector
   D.) Transport Sector

Answer: Option 'C'

Banking Sector


As per the guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a must for which of the following?

   A.) Demat accounts
   B.) All savings bank account
   C.) All housing loan accounts
   D.) All current accounts

Answer: Option 'A'

Demat accounts


Fiscal Policy is related to

   A.) money supply in the economy
   B.) regulation of banking system
   C.) planning and economic development
   D.) government revenue and expenditure

Answer: Option 'D'

government revenue and expenditure


The approach paper of 12th Five Year Plan got approval of the government which of the following has been added for the first in approach paper

   A.) growth rate and mechanism to achieve it
   B.) corruption, transparency, and governance
   C.) strengthening the agriculture sector
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'

corruption, transparency, and governance


Which of the following is a Social Development Programme launched by the Government of India school children?

   A.) Bharat Nirman
   B.) Asha
   C.) Kutir Jyoti
   D.) Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Answer: Option 'D'

Mid-Day Meal Scheme


Which of the following is the name of new Income Tax Return Form for Salaried Class?

   A.) Sahaj
   B.) Sugam
   C.) Form 3A
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'A'



When a bank dishonour a cheque it is called

   A.) settlement of the cheque
   B.) withdrawing of the cheque
   C.) nullifying of the cheque
   D.) truncating of the cheque

Answer: Option 'C'

nullifying of the cheque


Who amongst the following has never held post of the Governor of the RBI?

   A.) C Rangarajan
   B.) LK Jha
   C.) Manmohan Singh
   D.) Usha Thorat

Answer: Option 'D'

Usha Thorat


We know that the industrial sector plays an important role in the development of India. Which sector does not come under industrial sector?

   A.) Mining
   B.) Banking
   C.) Utilities
   D.) Manufacturing

Answer: Option 'B'



Crossing of cheques makes them

   A.) ineligible to endorse to a person other than payee
   B.) remains the same in all respect it is only a practice
   C.) invalid document
   D.) eligible for payment irrespective of sufficient balance in the account

Answer: Option 'A'

ineligible to endorse to a person other than payee

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