General and Banking Awareness Quiz Set -2 Questions and Answers


Third Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Review (BMPR) recently announced by RBI on  _________

   A.) 7 April 2015
   B.) 2 June 2015
   C.) 14 May 2015
   D.) 4 August 2015

Answer: Option 'D'

4 August 2015


How many entities got permission from RBI to start non-lending payment banks including the Department of Posts, Reliance Industries and Bharti Airtel as declared on 19 August 2015?

   A.) 18
   B.) 11
   C.) 12
   D.) 20

Answer: Option 'B'



IDeAS is a facility available on the SPEED-e website of NSDL for viewing balances and transactions in demat accounts. IDeAS stand for

   A.) Idea based Demat Account Statement
   B.) Internet based Demat Account Statement
   C.) Internet based Demat Adopted Statement
   D.) Internet biased Demat Account Statement

Answer: Option 'B'

Internet based Demat Account Statement


RBI provides liquidity under overnight repos at 0.25 percent of bank-wise NDTL at the LAF repo rate and liquidity under 14-day term repos as well as longer term repos of up to _____________ of NDTL of the banking system through auctions.

   A.) 0.25%
   B.) 0.50%
   C.) 0.75%
   D.) 1.00%

Answer: Option 'C'



Smart Humsafar, a unique plan which offers multiple benefits of savings and insurance cover for husband and wife under a single policy launched

   A.) ICICI
   B.) LIC
   C.) United Insurance Company
   D.) SBI Life

Answer: Option 'D'

SBI Life

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