General and Banking Awareness Quiz Set - 7 Questions and Answers


Banknet was set up by ________

   A.) IBA
   B.) RBI
   C.) Central Govt
   D.) IT department of Concerned Bank

Answer: Option 'B'



"Buy Now - Pay Now" is commonly used for

   A.) Debit Cards
   B.) Vault Cards
   C.) Credit Cards
   D.) E-purse

Answer: Option 'A'

Debit Cards


In Electronic Clearing Service there are two types of viz., ECS debit and ECS Credit. What does ECS debit represents?

   A.) Number of debits and one credit
   B.) Number of credits and one debit
   C.) Multiple number of debits and credits
   D.) Few Debits and Few Credits

Answer: Option 'A'

Number of debits and one credit


In ‘Small Accounts’ balance in such accounts at any point of time should not exceed ________

   A.) Rs.10,000
   B.) Rs.50,000
   C.) Rs.1,00,000
   D.) Rs.25,000

Answer: Option 'B'



Which of the following was the first development finance institution established by the Indian government after independence?

   A.) ICRA
   B.) PFC
   C.) IFCI
   D.) IDFC

Answer: Option 'C'


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