Basic Computer Knowledge Fundamentals Questions and Answers MCQs Set - 8


Which one of the following provides the ability to query information from the database and to insert tuples into, delete tuples from, and modify tuples in the database?

   A.) DML
   B.) Query
   C.) DDL
   D.) Relational Schema

Answer: Option 'A'



_____________ is a service that allows organisations to make their own website.   

   A.) Web hosting
   B.) Web surfing
   C.) Domain hosting
   D.) Linux hosting

Answer: Option 'A'

Web hosting is a service that allows organisations to make their own website accessible through WWW. This service allows you to share the data on the Web or the Internet by storing your Web page on the Internet.


Computers use the ____________ language to process data.

   A.) processing
   B.) binary
   C.) relational
   D.) megabyte

Answer: Option 'B'



An example of a telecommunications device is a ________.

   A.) keyboard
   B.) modem
   C.) printer
   D.) mouse

Answer: Option 'B'



Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of:

   A.) platform software.
   B.) operating system software
   C.) system software
   D.) application software

Answer: Option 'D'

application software

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