Basic Computer Knowledge Fundamentals Questions and Answers MCQs Set - 8


Verizon Communications on July 2016, announced plans to acquire Yahoo for $4.8 billion in cash. Yahoo ( is a _________.

   A.) Website for Consumers
   B.) E-mail service
   C.) E-commerce website
   D.) Web Portal

Answer: Option 'D'

A Web portal is a specially designed website that often serves as the single point of access for information.
The first Web portals were online services, such as AOL, that provided access to the Web, but by now most of the traditional search engines have transformed themselves into Web portals to attract and keep a larger audience.


WORM stands for?

   A.) Write Once Read Many 
   B.) Wanted Once Read Memory
   C.) Wanted Original Read Memory
   D.) Write Original Read Memory

Answer: Option 'A'

In computer storage media, WORM (write once, read many) is a data storage technology that allows information to be written to a disc a single time and prevents the drive from erasing the data. The discs are intentionally not rewritable, because they are especially intended to store data that the user does not want to erase accidentally.


Which among the following is the extension of font file?

   A.) .ff
   B.) .fnf
   C.) .fnt
   D.) .font

Answer: Option 'C'

The file extension for a font file is .fnt


Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?

   A.) Down Cursor Key
   B.) Enter Key
   C.) Shift + Enter
   D.) Ctrl + Enter

Answer: Option 'B'

You can press enter key and start a new paragraph while typing on MS Word.


__________ is the automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail especially advertising, to many addresses.

   A.) mail merge
   B.) bcc
   C.) balloons
   D.) New

Answer: Option 'A'

Mail merge is used to create multiple documents at once. These documents have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics. Only specific sections of each document vary and are personalised.


Different icons of application software can be found in which bar in latest version of Microsoft Windows?

   A.) Start Menu
   B.) Browser
   C.) Control Panel
   D.) Status

Answer: Option 'A'

Microsoft re-introduced Start Menu bar and you can access various application software through it like paint or Word.


To justify the selected text, the shortcut key is _______.

   A.) Ctrl+1
   B.) Ctrl+J
   C.) Ctrl+U
   D.) Ctrl+Alt+K

Answer: Option 'B'

Ctrl+J is used to justify the selected text.


The subset of the super key is a candidate key under what condition?

   A.) No proper subset is a super key
   B.) All subsets are super keys
   C.) Each subset is a super key
   D.) Subset is a super key

Answer: Option 'A'

No proper subset is a super key


What is a named area on a disk that is used to store related subfolders and files called?

   A.) desktop
   B.) folder
   C.) Safari
   D.) explorer

Answer: Option 'B'

A folder is a virtual location where programs, files, and other folders can be located.


Who among the following is known as the Father of The Internet?

   A.) Tim Berners-Lee
   B.) Raymond Tomilson
   C.) Charles Babbage
   D.) Vint Cerf

Answer: Option 'D'

Tim Berners-Lee- Inventor of the World Wide Web.  Berners-Lee is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which oversees the continued development of the Web.
Raymond Tomilson-Sent the first e-mail (to himself)
Douglas Englebart- Father of computer mouse
Charles Babbage- Father of computers, inventor of analytical engine and difference engine
Vint Cerf- Father of the Internet. Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet.


Which among the following is a device that has functioning of a mobile information manager?

   A.) PDA
   B.) MICR
   C.) Mainframe
   D.) Light Pen

Answer: Option 'A'

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a device with functioning of a mobile information manager.


_____________ is a service that allows organisations to make their own website.   

   A.) Web hosting
   B.) Web surfing
   C.) Domain hosting
   D.) Linux hosting

Answer: Option 'A'

Web hosting is a service that allows organisations to make their own website accessible through WWW. This service allows you to share the data on the Web or the Internet by storing your Web page on the Internet.


Changing desktop wallpaper is a simple task which can be accessed through ________ section of all control panel items. 

   A.) Graphics
   B.) Image
   C.) Personalize
   D.) Windows

Answer: Option 'C'

Wallpapers can be changed by the personalize section of all control panel items.


In cryptography, what is cipher?

   A.) algorithm for performing encryption and decryption
   B.) encrypted message
   C.) source text
   D.) both (a) and (b)

Answer: Option 'A'

algorithm for performing encryption and decryption


Department(dept_id, emp_id, dept_name)
Here the cdept_id,emp_id and dept_name are __________ and Department is a _________.

   A.) Relations, Attribute
   B.) Attributes, Relation
   C.) Tuple, Relation
   D.) Tuple, Attributes

Answer: Option 'B'

Attributes, Relation


The two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop are:

   A.) cascade and tile
   B.) drag and drop
   C.) point and click
   D.) minimize and maximize

Answer: Option 'A'

cascade and tile are two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop.


The dual-port version of DRAM formerly used in graphics adaptors is :

   C.) VRAM

Answer: Option 'C'

Video RAM, or VRAM, is a dual-ported variant of dynamic RAM (DRAM), which was once commonly used to store the frame buffer in some graphics adapters. 


What is the maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint?  

   A.) 100%
   B.) 400%
   C.) 500%
   D.) 200%

Answer: Option 'B'

400% is the max. zoom percentage in PowerPoint.


Which of the following HTML tags is used to create a horizontal line on a Web page? 

   A.) <hr>
   B.) <tr>
   C.) <line>
   D.) <line direction = “horizontal”>

Answer: Option 'A'

In HTML, you can create a horizontal line on a Web page by using the <hr>tag. The purpose of the <hr> tag is to separate paragraphs or sections on a Web page.


Who contributed to the idea of a stored program?   

   A.) John von Neumann
   B.) Charles Babbage
   C.) Dennis Ritchie
   D.) Daniel Thomas

Answer: Option 'A'

John von Neumann is the first person who proposed the idea of stored program.

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