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During the fusing process, toner is:

   A.) high pressure sprayed onto the paper
   B.) glued to the paper
   C.) melted into the paper
   D.) electrically bonded to the paper

Answer: Option 'A'

high pressure sprayed onto the paper


The standard VGA display has _____ pixels in its native graphics mode?

   A.) 640 x 320
   B.) 640 x 480
   C.) 640 x 520
   D.) 640 x 620

Answer: Option 'B'

640 x 480


When configuring is a network interface cards without jumpers or plug and play, what is used to set the IRQs?

   A.) DMA
   B.) configuration software
   C.) CMOS
   D.) the OS

Answer: Option 'B'

​configuration software


RTS stands for:

   A.) ready to switch
   B.) request to send
   C.) ready to start
   D.) ready to set

Answer: Option 'B'

request to send


Which component must be vacuumed or replaced during preventative maintenance on a laser printer?

   A.) Ozone filter
   B.) Toner cartridge
   C.) Scanning mirror
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'A'

Ozone filter

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