Basic Computer Questions Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 1. What happens when you press CTRL + V key?
A.) A capital V letter is typed into your document at the cursor point
B.) The chose drawing items are circulated vertically on the page
C.) The selected item is pasted to the clipboard
D.) The selected item is pasted from the clipboard

Answer: Option 'D'

The selected item is pasted from the clipboard

  • 2. Press ____ to move the insertion point to the Address box, or to highlight the URL in the Address box
C.) ALT + D 
D.) ALT + A

Answer: Option 'C'

ALT + D 

  • 3. What is the short cut key for Print a Document?
A.) Alt + P
B.) Ctrl + P
C.) Shift + P
D.) Ctrl + Alt + P

Answer: Option 'B'

Answer: Option 'B'
Ctrl + P

  • 4. What is the short cut key for Select all contents of the page
A.) Ctrl + A
B.) Alt + A
C.) Ctrl + Alt + A
D.) ALT + DEL + A

Answer: Option 'A'

Answer: Option 'A'
Ctrl + A

  • 5. Ctrl + X is used for
A.) Copy selected items
B.) Cut selected items
C.) Move the selected data
D.) Exchange selected items

Answer: Option 'B'

Answer: Option 'B'
Cut selected items

  • Tit-Bits
    * Enter key is an alternative to press OK button
    * Shift key is used in combination with other keys, so this is also called combination key.
    * Caps lock and num lock keys are called as 'toggle keys' because when pressed, they toggle or change their status from one state to another.
    * Numeric keypaid is used only, when the num lock key is in active state.
  • 6. In Word, what is the keyboard short cut key for delete an entire word?
A.) Alt + Del
B.) Shift + Alt + Del
C.) Ctrl + Del
D.) Shift + Del

Answer: Option 'C'

Answer: Option 'C'
Ctrl + Del

  • 7. Short cut key for underline is
A.) Ctrl + A
B.) Ctrl + U
C.) Ctrl + T
D.) Ctrl + G

Answer: Option 'B'

Answer: Option 'B'
Ctrl + U

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