LIC AAO Computer Knowledge - Test 5


To restart the computer, following combination of keys is used.

   A.) Del + Ctrl
   B.) Backspace + Ctrl
   C.) Ctrl + Alt + Del
   D.) Insert + Esc

Answer: Option 'C'

Ctrl + Alt + Del


Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

   A.) PAN
   B.) DSL
   C.) RAM
   D.) USB

Answer: Option 'A'



An operating system is said to be multi-tasking if

   A.) more than one programs can run simultaneously
   B.) more than one uses can work simultaneously
   C.) Either 1 or 2
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'A'

more than one programs can run simultaneously


Which of the following is an example of computer software?

   A.) Impact printer
   B.) Console
   C.) Payroll package
   D.) OCR

Answer: Option 'C'

Payroll package


What is permanent memory built into your computer called?

   A.) RAM
   B.) ROM
   C.) CPU
   D.) CD-ROM

Answer: Option 'B'



USB refers to

   A.) a storage device
   B.) a processor
   C.) a port type
   D.) a serial standard

Answer: Option 'C'

a port type


Example of the non-numeric data is

   A.) examination score
   B.) bank balance
   C.) employee address
   D.) Al of these

Answer: Option 'C'

employee address


Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly?

   A.) Booting
   B.) Processing
   C.) Saving
   D.) Editing

Answer: Option 'A'



Virtual memory is

   A.) an extremely large main memory
   B.) an extremely large secondary memory
   C.) an illusion of extremely large main memory
   D.) a type of memory used in super computer

Answer: Option 'C'

an illusion of extremely large main memory


Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computer?

   A.) Note books
   B.) Personal computer
   C.) Super computer
   D.) Laptops

Answer: Option 'C'

Super computer


The __________ tells the computer how to use its components.

   A.) utility
   B.) application
   C.) operating system
   D.) network

Answer: Option 'C'

operating system


A computer with CPU speed around 100 million instructions per second with the word length of around 64 bits is known as

   A.) super computer
   B.) mini computer
   C.) micro computer
   D.) macro computer

Answer: Option 'A'

super computer


Data becomes _________ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use.

   A.) processed
   B.) graphs
   C.) information
   D.) presentation

Answer: Option 'C'



Which of the following media is one of the oldest media designed to store data, but should be carefully checked with antivirus software before restoration?

   A.) Laptops
   B.) Hard drives
   C.) CDR
   D.) Magnetic tape

Answer: Option 'D'

Magnetic tape


1101, series of four bits (or binary digits) is known as

   A.) bit
   B.) byte
   C.) nibble
   D.) input

Answer: Option 'A'



To shrink a window to an icon

   A.) open a group window
   B.) minimize a window
   C.) maximize a window
   D.) restore a window

Answer: Option 'B'

minimize a window


The communication line between CPU memory and peripherals is called a

   A.) bus
   B.) line
   C.) media
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following is octal number equivalent to binary number (110101)2?

   A.) 12
   B.) 65
   C.) 56
   D.) 1111

Answer: Option 'B'



Languages which can easily interact with the hardware are called?

   A.) High level language
   B.) Low level language
   C.) Middle level language
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'D'

All of the above


Both the ALU and control section have special purpose storage locations, called

   A.) address
   B.) registers
   C.) accumulators
   D.) bus

Answer: Option 'B'


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