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To edit a chart, we can

   A.) Click and drag the chart object
   B.) Double click the chart object
   C.) Triple click the chart object
   D.) Click the chart object

Answer: Option 'B'

Double click the chart object

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You can edit an embedded organization chart object by ?

   A.) Double clicking the organization chart object
   B.) Clicking edit object
   C.) Right clicking the chart object, then clicking edit MS-Organizaiton Chart object
   D.) A and C both

Answer: Option 'D'

A and C both

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What is Extension of PowerPoint Presentation?

   A.) .POT
   B.) .PPT
   C.) .PTP
   D.) .PPE

Answer: Option 'B'



How we can replace a font on all sides with another font in Power point?

   A.) Tools->Replace Fonts
   B.) Format-> Replace Fonts
   C.) Tools->Fonts
   D.) Edit->Fonts

Answer: Option 'B'

​Format-> Replace Fonts


To open Power Point from Run Dialog Box, type ________

   A.) Powerpnt
   B.) PowerPoint
   C.) Pwrpoint
   D.) Powerpint

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of these slides is used as a background.

   A.) Gradient
   B.) Texture
   C.) Picture
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'D'

All of these


Which of the following tool bars provide different options in various master views ?

   A.) Drawing toolbar
   B.) Common tasks toolbar
   C.) Formatting toolbar
   D.) Standard toolbar

Answer: Option 'B'

Common tasks toolbar


How can we stop a slide show?

   A.) Press the right arrow
   B.) Press Ctrl+A
   C.) Press Escape
   D.) Press Ctrl+S

Answer: Option 'C'

​Press Escape


How can we stop a slide show ?

   A.) Press the right arrow
   B.) Press Ctrl + A
   C.) Press Escape
   D.) Press Ctrl + S

Answer: Option 'C'

Press Escape

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Which program is used to create a presentation

   A.) Excel
   B.) PowerPoint
   C.) Access
   D.) Outlook

Answer: Option 'B'



The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ...…

   A.) tools
   B.) view
   C.) file
   D.) insert

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view?

   A.) The esc key
   B.) The tab key
   C.) The enter key
   D.) The mouse buttons

Answer: Option 'A'

​The esc key


Which pane would be used to enter a speaker’s information about what can be said about each slide?

   A.) Notes pane
   B.) Outline pane
   C.) Slide pane
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'A'

​Notes pane


what term describes a background that appears as a grainy, non smooth surface ?

   A.) Pattern
   B.) Gradient
   C.) Velvet
   D.) Texture

Answer: Option 'B'



How we can replace a font on all slides with another font in Powerpoint ?

   A.) Tools -> Replace Fonts
   B.) Format -> Replace Fonts
   C.) Edit -> Fonts
   D.) Tools -> Fonts

Answer: Option 'B'

Format -> Replace Fonts


In Microsoft Power Point two kind of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are?

   A.) .wav files and .gif files
   B.) .jpg files and .gif files
   C.) .wav files and .jpg files
   D.) .wav files and .mid files

Answer: Option 'D'

​.wav files and .mid files


How we can replace a font on all slide with another font in PowerPoint?

   A.) CTRL+N
   B.) CTRL+F
   C.) CTRL+M
   D.) CTRL+O

Answer: Option 'C'



Which PowerPoint feature allows the user to create a simple presentation quickly ?

   A.) Animations
   B.) Chart Wizard
   C.) Transition Wizard
   D.) AutoContent Wizard

Answer: Option 'D'

AutoContent Wizard


What would I choose to create a pre-formatted style?

   A.) Format
   B.) Slide layout
   C.) Slide sorter view
   D.) None of above

Answer: Option 'A'



To open the existing presentation, press

   A.) Ctrl+L
   B.) Ctrl+N
   C.) Ctrl+O
   D.) Ctrl+A

Answer: Option 'C'



How to insert a table in a slide.

   A.) Click on the insert table in the content pane of the blank slide.
   B.) Table menu & Insert table
   C.) A and B Both
   D.) The table can not be inserted into a slide.

Answer: Option 'C'

​A and B Both


Which view in Power Point can be used to enter Speaker Comments ?

   A.) Slide Show
   B.) Normals
   C.) Slide Sorter
   D.) Notes Page view

Answer: Option 'D'

Notes Page view

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Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view ?

   A.) The mouse button
   B.) The enter key
   C.) The mouse button
   D.) The esc key

Answer: Option 'D'

The esc key

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From where can we set the timing for each object ?

   A.) Slide show, Slide transition
   B.) slide show, custom transition
   C.) view, slide sorter
   D.) slide show, custom animation

Answer: Option 'D'

slide show, custom animation

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What is the use of the “Hide slide” option?

   A.) During the presentation, to hide the selected slide.
   B.) During editing, to hide the selected slide.
   C.) To hide the selected slide during printing.
   D.) To hide the selected slide during deleting.

Answer: Option 'A'

​During the presentation, to hide the selected slide.

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