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What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character?

   A.) 16038
   B.) 1638
   C.) 163
   D.) None of above

Answer: Option 'B'



What feature helps you to inserts the contents of the Clipboard as text without any formatting in MS Word?

   A.) Paste Special
   B.) Page setup
   C.) Styles
   D.) Format Painter

Answer: Option 'A'

Paste Special


Which of the following is used to create newspaper style columns?

   A.) Format Columns
   B.) Format Tabs
   C.) Table Insert Table
   D.) Insert Textbox

Answer: Option 'A'

Format Columns


What do you mean by vertical separation between columns?

   A.) Orientation
   B.) Gutter
   C.) Margin
   D.) Index

Answer: Option 'C'



Which option is not available in Insert Table Autofit behavior?

   A.) Fixed Column Width
   B.) AutoFit to Contents
   C.) Autofit to Column
   D.) Autofit to Window

Answer: Option 'C'

Autofit to Column

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