Ms Office Tools : Questions With Answers

  1. 11.  Ctrl+M keyboard shortcut is used for
    A.) Save the document B.) Create new slide
    C.) Manage document D.) Edit the document
    Answer: Option 'B'

    Create new slide

  2. 12.  In ms-word F7 functional key is used for
    A.) Refreshing the page B.) Modify the document
    C.) Spell check D.) None
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Spell check

  3. 13.  How many worksheets are there in one workbook?
    A.) 250 B.) 251
    C.) 253 D.) 255
    Answer: Option 'D'


  4. 14.  Ctrl+P shortcut key is used for
    A.) Deleting the document B.) Saving the document
    C.) Printing the document D.) Mailing the document
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Printing the document

  5. 15.  Which of the following is an application software package
    A.) Red hat Linux B.) Microsoft xp
    C.) Microsoft office D.) None of these
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Microsoft office

  6. 16.  What is a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options ?
    A.) Section B.) Page
    C.) Document D.) Page Setup
    Answer: Option 'A'


  7. 17.  Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word screen ?
    A.) Tab stop box B.) Left Indent
    C.) Center Indent D.) Right Indent
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Center Indent

  8. 18.  Gutter position can be set in following positions
    A.) Left & Right B.) Left & Top
    C.) Left & Bottom D.) Left Only
    Answer: Option 'B'

    Left & Top

  9. 19.  What is the Short cut key for line break?
    A.) CTRL + Enter B.) Shift + Enter
    C.) Space + Enter D.) Alt + Enter
    Answer: Option 'B'

    Shift + Enter

  10. 20.  By pressing F12, which of following will happen ?
    A.) Save As dialog box will open B.) Save dialog box will open
    C.) Close dialog box will open D.) Open dialog box will open
    Answer: Option 'A'

    Save As dialog box will open

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