Ms Office Tools : Questions With Answers

  1. 31.  __________ is one of the field types in MS-Access.
    A.) Double B.) Float
    C.) Memo D.) None of these
    Answer: Option 'C'


  2. 32.  How many types of data processing techniques we have
    A.) 1 B.) 2
    C.) 5 D.) 6
    Answer: Option 'A


  3. 33.  In which window we display data in the form of tables in a row or column format In MS-Access
    A.) Sub-form B.) Datasheet
    C.) Filter D.) Macros
    Answer: Option 'B'


  4. 34.  How many ways we add tables in Access database
    A.) 5 B.) 1
    C.) 9 D.) 10
    Answer: Option 'A'


  5. 35.  Row of a table is called as a
    A.) Set B.) Entity
    C.) Tuple D.) Relationship
    Answer: Option 'C'


  6. 36.  Which is not a type of margin ?
    A.) Left B.) Center
    C.) Top D.) Right
    Answer: Option 'B'


  7. 37.  what will be the use of Ctrl + J ?
    A.) Insert Image B.) Insert Hyperlink
    C.) Align Justify D.) Search file
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Align Justify

  8. 38.  What shortcut will we use to align centre ?
    A.) Ctrl + A B.) Ctrl + E
    C.) Ctrl + D D.) Ctrl + B
    Answer: Option 'B'

    Ctrl + E

  9. 39.  Which shortcut will we use to make text Italic ?
    A.) Ctrl + U B.) Ctrl + T
    C.) Ctrl + I D.) Ctrl + P
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Ctrl + I

  10. 40.  How to use Format Painter multiple times ?
    A.) By Click on Lock Format Painter Icon B.) Format Painter cannot be use multiple times
    C.) By Double Click on the Format Painter Icon D.) None of above
    Answer: Option 'C'

    By Double Click on the Format Painter Icon

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