Ms Office Tools : Questions With Answers

  1. 41.  Employee address is ________ type o data
    A.) Numeric data B.) Static data
    C.) Non-numeric data D.) None
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Non-numeric data

  2. 42.  ________________ is one of the building blocks of ER model
    A.) Entities B.) Data
    C.) Process D.) Transaction
    Answer: Option 'A'

  3. 43.  Which field specifies the format of data that entered in Ms-Access database?
    A.) Validation Text B.) Design View
    C.) Input Mask D.) Text Field
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Input Mask

  4. 44.  In Ms-Word how we can change the margins in document?
    A.) Manipulate the Ruler bar B.) Choose Format and then Margins
    C.) Choose View and then Margins D.) Choose File and then Margins
    Answer: Option 'A'

    Manipulate the Ruler bar

  5. 45.  Columnar is ________ type in MS-Access
    A.) Switchboard B.) Referential Integrity
    C.) Memo Field D.) Auto Form
    Answer: Option 'D'

    Auto Form

  • 46.  What is place to the left of horizontal scroll bar ?
    A.) Indicators B.) Split buttons
    C.) Tab stop buttons D.) View buttons
    Answer: Option 'D'

    View buttons

  • 47.  Where can you find the horizontal split bar on MS Word screen ?
    A.) On the top of vertical scroll bar B.) On the bottom of vertical scroll bar
    C.) On the left of horizontal scroll bar D.) On the right of horizontal scroll bar
    Answer: Option 'A'

    On the top of vertical scroll bar

  • 48.  Tabs stop position cannot be the following alignment ?
    A.) Decimal Alignment B.) Justify Alignment
    C.) Center Alignment D.) Bar Alignment
    Answer: Option 'B'

    Justify Alignment

  • 49.  What is the use of bookmarks ?
    A.) To correct the spellings. B.) To jump to a specific location in the document
    C.) To ignore spelling mistakes D.) To save alignments as it is.
    Answer: Option 'B'

    To jump to a specific location in the document

  • 50.  Which feature is used to replace straight quotes with smart quotes as you type ?
    A.) Auto Correct as you type B.) Auto Change as you type
    C.) Auto Format as you type D.) Auto Ignore as you type
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Auto Format as you type

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