Networking and Internet : Questions With Answers

  • LAN stands for
    A.) Location access network B.) Local anti network
    C.) Local area network D.) Location area network
    Answer: Option 'C'

  • WAN stands for
    A.) Wide area network B.) World area network
    C.) Wonder area network D.) None
    Answer: Option 'A'

  • A __________ is a group of independent computers attached to one another through communication media.
    A.) Internet B.) E-mail
    C.) Network D.) All the above
    Answer: Option 'C'

  • The first network to implement TCP/IP are
    Answer: Option 'A'

  • What type of RJ45 UTP cable is used between switches?
    A.) Crossover cable B.) Straight-through
    C.) Crossover with a router in between the two switches D.) Crossover with a CSU/DSU
    Answer: Option 'A'

    Crossover cable

  • Which of the following are unique characteristics of half-duplex Ethernet when compared to full-duplex Ethernet?

    1. Half-duplex Ethernet operates in a shared collision domain.

    2. Half-duplex Ethernet operates in a private collision domain.

    3. Half-duplex Ethernet has higher effective throughput.

    4. Half-duplex Ethernet has lower effective throughput.
    A.) 2 only B.) 1,2 and 3
    C.) 1 and 4 D.) 4 only
    Answer: Option 'C'

    Half-duplex Ethernet operates in a shared collision domain.

    Half-duplex Ethernet has lower effective throughput.

  • Mosaic is a
    A.) Program language B.) Operating system
    C.) Web browser D.) None
    Answer: Option 'C'

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