Basic Computer Knowledge Fundamentals Questions and Answers MCQs Set - 1


A software program responsible for managing all print jobs currently being sent to the computer printer or print server is known as ______

   A.) Kernel
   B.) Shortcut
   C.) Buffer
   D.) Spooler

Answer: Option 'D'



Which of the following routing technique is used in distributed operating system?

   A.) fixed routing
   B.) virtual routing
   C.) dynamic routing
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'D'

All of these


The terminal device that functions as a cash register is known as _______

   A.) Data collection terminal
   B.) OCR register terminal
   C.) Video Display terminal
   D.) POS terminal

Answer: Option 'D'

POS terminal


Which of the following is the technique that extends storage capacities of main memory beyond the actual size of the main memory?

   A.) Switching
   B.) Virtual Storage
   C.) Multi-tasking
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'

Virtual Storage


A file that contains character styles, customized toolbars and menus is called a _______

   A.) guide
   B.) prompt
   C.) template
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'C'



Key to represent relationship between tables is called________

   A.) primary key
   B.) secondary key
   C.) foreign key
   D.) composite key

Answer: Option 'C'

foreign key


________is an integrated circuit design on a printed circuit board (PCB) that uses semiconductor technology.

   A.) RAM
   B.) CMOS
   C.) DRAM
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'



The path of the creation of an executable program is _______

   A.) coding, linking, compiling, parsing
   B.) coding, parsing, compiling, linking
   C.) coding, compiling, parsing, linking
   D.) coding, compiling, linking, parsing

Answer: Option 'D'

coding, compiling, linking, parsing


To create a new slide you choose a ______

   A.) Layout
   B.) Theme
   C.) View
   D.) Picture

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following is/are the core functions of all firewalls?

   A.) Filtering
   B.) Logging
   C.) Proxying
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'D'

All of the above


Software that is made available at no cost is known as _______

   A.) Malware
   B.) Freeware
   C.) Spyware
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'



The _______ icon and bold message heading indicating that the e-mail message has not been read.

   A.) Highlighted Envelope
   B.) Closed Envelope
   C.) Opened Envelope
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'

Closed Envelope


Microsoft’s Access and Corel’s Paradox are both examples of which type of software?

   A.) Network database systems
   B.) Relational database systems
   C.) Flat-file database systems
   D.) Hierarchical database systems

Answer: Option 'B'

​Relational database systems


_______represents the use of links between information of all sorts whether text, graphics, video or audio based.

   A.) Hypertext
   B.) Hypermedia
   C.) Hyperimage
   D.) HyperCard

Answer: Option 'B'



A repository of data that is designed to serve a particular community of knowledge workers is called _________

   A.) data mart
   B.) data warehousing
   C.) data maintenance
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'A'

data mart


_________ is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.

   A.) Internet Explorer
   B.) Search Engine
   C.) Browser
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'

Search Engine


To move the insertion point to the address bar or to select the URL in the address bar, We have to press ____ keys

   A.) Ctrl + D
   B.) Ctrl + E
   C.) Alt + D
   D.) Alt + E

Answer: Option 'C'

Alt + D


___________ processing is used when a large mail-order company accumulates orders and processes them together in one large set.

   A.) Online
   B.) Batch
   C.) Real-time
   D.) Group

Answer: Option 'B'



The amount of digital data that is moved from one place to another in a given time

   A.) data transfer rate
   B.) data access rate
   C.) data migration rate
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'

data transfer rate


This dialog box specifies or modifies the worksheet cell range containing data to be charted __________

   A.) Chart Location
   B.) Chart Style
   C.) Chart Options
   D.) Chart Source Data

Answer: Option 'D'

Chart Source Data

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