Basic Computer Knowledge Fundamentals Questions and Answers MCQs Set - 1


The path of the creation of an executable program is _______

   A.) coding, linking, compiling, parsing
   B.) coding, parsing, compiling, linking
   C.) coding, compiling, parsing, linking
   D.) coding, compiling, linking, parsing

Answer: Option 'D'

coding, compiling, linking, parsing


_________ is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.

   A.) Internet Explorer
   B.) Search Engine
   C.) Browser
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'

Search Engine


An email feature, which is used to send a copy of an email to one or many other people at the same time that you are sending it to the main recipient/s is called

   A.) CC
   B.) BCC
   C.) To
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'A'



A program either audio or music that is made available in digital format for automatic download over the internet is called a _____

   A.) wiki
   B.) podcast
   C.) broadcast
   D.) vodcast

Answer: Option 'B'



Vendor-created program modifications are called _______

   A.) patches
   B.) antiviruses
   C.) holes
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the printer used in conjunction with computers uses dry ink powder?

   A.) Daisy Wheel printer
   B.) Thermal Printer
   C.) Laser Printer
   D.) Line Printer

Answer: Option 'C'

Laser Printer


Software that is made available at no cost is known as _______

   A.) Malware
   B.) Freeware
   C.) Spyware
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'



Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called _______

   A.) Metasearch engines
   B.) Web crawlers
   C.) Spiders
   D.) Hits

Answer: Option 'A'

​Metasearch engines


Which key is used to delete one character to the left of the current position of the cursor?

   A.) Backspace
   B.) Insert
   C.) Delete
   D.) Ctrl

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following acts as a temporary high-speed holding area between the memory and CPU?

   A.) RAM
   B.) ROM
   C.) Cache
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'C'



The terminal device that functions as a cash register is known as _______

   A.) Video Display terminal
   B.) POS terminal
   C.) Data collection terminal
   D.) OCR register terminal

Answer: Option 'B'

POS terminal


A most Sophisticated relay device used in a network that can be used to interconnect systems with different protocols, formatting languages and architecture is called ______

   A.) Gateway
   B.) Bridge
   C.) Switch
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following protocol is used for locating and transferring information on the internet?

   A.) Groupware
   B.) Gopher
   C.) Glitch
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'



Storing same data in many places is called _______

   A.) Data Enumeration
   B.) Data Redundancy
   C.) Data Iteration
   D.) Data Concurrency

Answer: Option 'B'

Data Redundancy


_________ is a method of providing website content such as news stories or software updates.

   A.) RSS
   B.) Upgrading
   C.) Piracy
   D.) Both (1) and (2)

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following programming language does not need a translator?

   A.) Assembly language
   B.) High level language
   C.) BASIC
   D.) Machine language

Answer: Option 'D'

Machine language


Which of the following involves deliberate attacks intended to disable computers or networks?

   A.) Piggybacking
   B.) Sabotage
   C.) Phishing
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'



Which one of the following is a key function of firewall?

   A.) deleting
   B.) Monitoring
   C.) moving
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'



Which one of the following is a key function of firewall?

   A.) Monitoring
   B.) deleting
   C.) moving
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'



Which of the following is used to place an organization chart on a slide?

   A.) Save the presentation
   B.) Update the presentation
   C.) Close the file
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'B'

Update the presentation

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