NIACL Assistants Computer Knowledge - Test - 2


Trackball is an example of a/an

   A.) programming device
   B.) pointing device
   C.) output device
   D.) software device

Answer: Option 'B'

pointing device


Megnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because tape is

   A.) a random access medium
   B.) a sequential access medium
   C.) a read only medium
   D.) fragile and easily damaged

Answer: Option 'B'

a sequential access medium


The size of any word/number in a computer is measured in

   A.) bits
   B.) bytes
   C.) meter
   D.) litre

Answer: Option 'A'



The storage device used to compensate for the difference in rates of flow of data from one device to another is termed as

   A.) chip
   B.) channel
   C.) call
   D.) buffer

Answer: Option 'D'



Which of the following is the new format for the Internet that is an upgrade to the Internet's main communication protocol IP?

   A.) IPV5
   B.) IPV6
   C.) IPV7
   D.) IPV4+

Answer: Option 'B'


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