Current Affairs and Banking Awareness for IBPS Set - 1 | 2017

  • 1. Which entity has signed a MoU with Directorate General Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes (DGFASLI) for collaboration on occupational health and prevention of occupational injuries and diseases?
   A.) Birla Sun Life Insurance
   B.) International Labour Organization
   C.) NITI Aayog
   D.) Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

Answer: Option 'D'

Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

  • 2. The Global Forgiveness Day is observed on?
   A.) 7th July
   B.) 8th July
   C.) 9th July
   D.) 10th July

Answer: Option 'A'

7th July

  • 3. Which State Government has announced to set up an international standard sports city in the state capital?
   A.) Andhra Pradesh
   B.) Kerala
   C.) Odisha

Answer: Option 'C'


  • 4. National Conference of Chief Secretaries of States and Union Territories organised by NITI Aayog was held on July 10, 2017 in:
   A.) Mumbai
   B.) New Delhi
   C.) Nagpur
   D.) Jaipur

Answer: Option 'B'

New Delhi

  • 5. Name the last state to implement GST ?
   A.) Jammu and Kashmir
   C.) Arunachal Pradesh
   D.) Karnataka

Answer: Option 'A'

Jammu and Kashmir