Advanced Query Optimization


________________ is a sequence of zero or more characters enclosed by single quotes.

   A.) Integers literal
   B.) String literal
   C.) String units
   D.) String label

Answer: Option 'B'

String literal


In __________________, the management of the password for the account can be handled outside of oracle such as operating system.

   A.) Database Authentication
   B.) Operating System Authentication
   C.) Internal Authentication
   D.) External Authentication

Answer: Option 'B'

Operating System Authentication


_____________ has made PL/SQL code run faster without requiring any additional work on the part of the programmer.

   A.) SQL Server
   B.) My SQL
   C.) Oracle
   D.) SQL Lite

Answer: Option 'C'



___________ is a procedural extension of Oracle – SQL that offers language constructs similar to those in imperative programming languages.

   A.) SQL
   B.) PL/SQL
   C.) Advanced SQL
   D.) PQL

Answer: Option 'B'



_________ combines the data manipulating power of SQL with the data processing power of Procedural languages.

   A.) PL/SQL
   B.) SQL
   C.) Advanced SQL
   D.) PQL

Answer: Option 'A'


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