Application Architectures - DBMS


What are the portability concerns founded in Seeheim model?

   A.) Replacing the presentation toolkit
   B.) Replacing the application toolkit
   C.) Replacing the dialogue toolkit
   D.) a, b

Answer: Option 'D'

a, b


Which of the unit operation is used in Model view controller?

   A.) Is a Decomposition
   B.) Part Whole Decomposition
   C.) All of the mentioned
   D.) None of the operation

Answer: Option 'B'

Part Whole Decomposition


The _____________ layer, which provides a high-level view of data and actions on data.

   A.) Data access
   B.) Business logic
   C.) Presentation
   D.) User interaction

Answer: Option 'B'

Business logic


Which layer deals which deals with user interaction is called _____________ layer

   A.) Business logic
   B.) Presentation
   C.) User interaction
   D.) b and c

Answer: Option 'D'

b and c


Memory address refers to the successive memory words and the machine is called as _______________

   A.) word addressable
   B.) byte addressable
   C.) bit addressable
   D.) Terra byte addressable

Answer: Option 'A'

word addressable

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