United Nations Organisation MCQ and Answers


The total number of members represented in General assembly is

   A.) 193
   B.) 192
   C.) 197
   D.) 195

Answer: Option 'A'



What is the term of United Nations Secretary General?

   A.) 6 years
   B.) 7 years
   C.) 5 years
   D.) 3 years

Answer: Option 'C'

5 years


Out of six principal organs of United Nations, only authorize body of United Nations which issues member states a binding resolution is

   A.) International Monetary Fund
   B.) United Nations Security Council
   C.) World Health Organization
   D.) World Wildlife Fund

Answer: Option 'B'

United Nations Security Council


How many non-permanent members are there in the Security Council

   A.) 12
   B.) 11
   C.) 13
   D.) 10

Answer: Option 'D'



United nations Security Council held its first ever session in

   A.) 17 January, 1944
   B.) 17 January, 1949
   C.) 17 January, 1946
   D.) 26 January, 1948

Answer: Option 'C'

17 January, 1946


What is the term of a non-permanent member of the Security Council?

   A.) 1 year
   B.) 2 years
   C.) 3 years
   D.) 4 years

Answer: Option 'B'

2 years


United Nations' six principal organs includes

   A.) World Food Programme
   C.) Economic and Social Council
   D.) World Bank Group

Answer: Option 'C'

Economic and Social Council


What is the term of a judge of the International Court of Justice?

   A.) 9 years
   B.) 8 years
   C.) 7 years
   D.) 5 years

Answer: Option 'A'

9 years


Which organ of the United Nations Organisation is responsible for coordinating the work of its specialized agencies?

   A.) General Assembly
   B.) Economic and Social Council
   C.) Security Council
   D.) Secretariat

Answer: Option 'B'

Economic and Social Council


When was the United Nations Organisation founded?

   A.) October 24, 1945
   B.) December 10, 1945
   C.) August 9, 1945
   D.) October 24, 1944

Answer: Option 'A'

October 24, 1945

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