Application Layer - Networks Questions and Answers


Application layer protocol defines

   A.) types of messages exchanged
   B.) message format, syntax, and semantics
   C.) rules for when and how processes send and respond to messages
   D.) all of these

Answer: Option 'D'

all of these


Which one of the following is not an application layer protocol?

   A.) media gateway protocol
   B.) session initiation protocol
   C.) dynamic host configuration protocol
   D.) resource reservation protocol

Answer: Option 'D'

resource reservation protocol


Which one of the following is not correct?

   A.) application layer protocols are used by both source and destination devices during a communication session
   B.) application layer protocols implemented on the source and destination host must match
   C.) both (a) and (b)
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'C'

both (a) and (b)


Transport services available to applications in one or another form

   A.) Reliable data transfer
   B.) Timing
   C.) Security
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'D'

All of these


Application layer offers _______ service

   A.) End to end
   B.) Process to process
   C.) Both of the mentioned
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'A'

End to end


Which protocol is a signalling communication protocol used for controlling multimedia communication sessions?

   A.) session initiation protocol
   B.) session modelling protocol
   C.) session maintenance protocol
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'A'

session initiation protocol


This is not a application layer protocol

   A.) TCP
   B.) HTTP
   C.) SMTP
   D.) FTP

Answer: Option 'A'



Electronic mail uses this Application layer protocol

   A.) SMTP
   B.) SIP
   C.) HTTP
   D.) FTP

Answer: Option 'A'



When displaying a web page, the application layer uses the

   A.) SMTP protocol
   B.) HTTP protocol
   C.) FTP protocol
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'B'

HTTP protocol


Which one of the following is an internet standard protocol for managing devices on IP network?

   A.) dynamic host configuration protocol
   B.) simple network management protocol
   C.) internet message access protocol
   D.) media gateway protocol

Answer: Option 'B'

simple network management protocol


The packet of information at the application layer is called

   A.) Segment
   B.) Frame
   C.) Message
   D.) Packet

Answer: Option 'C'



The ____ translates internet domain and host names to IP address.

   A.) routing information protocol
   B.) domain name system
   C.) network time protocol
   D.) internet relay chat

Answer: Option 'B'

domain name system


E-mail is

   A.) Loss-tolerant application
   B.) Bandwidth-sensitive application
   C.) Elastic application
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'C'

Elastic application


Application developer has permission to decide the following on transport layer side

   A.) Transport layer protocol
   B.) Maximum buffer size
   C.) Both of the mentioned
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'C'

Both of the mentioned


This is one of the architecture paradigm

   A.) Peer to peer
   B.) Client-server
   C.) HTTP
   D.) Both a and b

Answer: Option 'D'

HTTP is a protocol.


To deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host, the _______ address must be consulted

   A.) IP
   B.) MAC
   C.) Port
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'C'



This is a time-sensitive service

   A.) File transfer
   B.) File download
   C.) E-mail
   D.) Internet telephony

Answer: Option 'D'

Internet telephony is Loss-tolerant other applications are not.


Which one of the following protocol delivers/stores mail to reciever server?

   A.) simple mail transfer protocol
   B.) hypertext transfer protocol
   C.) post office protocol
   D.) internet mail access protocol

Answer: Option 'A'

simple mail transfer protocol

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