Cloze Test Questions and Answers : Verbal ability

  • In the past couple ___(1)___ years, China had begun allowing encouraging, companies and people

    ____(2)___ invest more of their wealth overseas. Doing ___(3)___ helped reduce deflationary pressures at

    home from chronic overinvestment and overcapacity ___(4)___ increased China's influence around the

    world. But a trickle ___(5)___ money leaving China to buy houses and other overseas investments has become

    ___(6)___ flood this winter. The central bank has responded by trying for the past three weeks to slowly guide

    ____(7)___ currency down as a away to help bolster exports and ____(8)____ make overseas investments

    seem more expensive ____(9)___ less appealing. This week, regulators also put in place a so - called circuit

    breaker ___(10)___ the market, a mechanism that halts trading when shares fall too steeply.

    1) A. at B. of C. one D. the

    2) A. so B. at C. but D. to

    3) A. so B. at C. but D. to

    4) A. but B. of C. at D. has

    5) A. of B. a C. at D. so

    6) A. in B. of C. at D. a

    7) A. the B. a C. as D. of

    8) A. on B. of C. also D. to

    9) A. with B. and C. at D. then

    10) A. the B. for C. a D. at
    1. Option 'B' 2. Option 'D'
    3. Option 'A' 4. Option 'C'
    5. Option 'A' 6. Option 'D'
    7. Option 'A' 8. Option 'C'
    9. Option 'B' 10. Option 'B'

  • The new measure, __(1)__ followed last summer's market slide, was aimed __(2)__ stabilising stocks. But in

    practice, it __(3)__ amplified anxiety. Another measure, which banned large shareholders __(4)__ selling

    stock, was supposed __(5)__ expire Friday. The looming deadline prompted __(6)__ investors to dump shares.

    'These very high-level bodies ___(7)___ supposed to coordination,' said Victor shith, __(8)__ specialist

    in Chinese financial policy __(9)__ the University __(10)__ California, San Diego.

    1) A. with B. which C. at D. the

    2) A. at B. so C. but D. to

    3) A. has B. at C. but D. to

    4) A. but B. of C. at D. from

    5) A. of B. a C. to D. at

    6) A. small B. smaller C. big D. bigger

    7) A. the B. was C. where D. were

    8) A. a B. at C. the D. to

    9) A. a B. and C. at D. then

    10) A. in B. the C. at D. of
    1. Option 'B' 2. Option 'A'
    3. Option 'A' 4. Option 'D'
    5. Option 'C' 6. Option 'B'
    7. Option 'D' 8. Option 'A'
    9. Option 'C' 10. Option 'D'

  • When Bernie Sanders rolled into Decorah, nearly 2,000 people were waiting for him. Chants of “Feel the

    Bern” filled the spirited hall ___(1)___ a crowd roughly equivalent to a quarter of the town’s population.

    “If we have the kind of ____(2)_____ I hope we can,” Mr. Sanders told the rally,"'then we’re going to win

    here in Iowa." Two days later, __(3)__ Friday, Hillary Clinton received a far less raucous greeting in the

    same northeastern Iowa college town. A largely elderly crowd of 400 listened quietly, clapping politely at

    her applause lines.It’s all beginning to resemble a bad flashback ____(4)____ the second-time Democratic

    presidential candidate, who once again finds herself barnstorming through the frozen stretches of

    Iowa ___(5)___ a diminished lead in the polls and an underdog rival on the rise. Then-Sen. Barack Obama

    upset Ms. Clinton in Iowa, jump starting ___(6)___ successful campaign for the nomination. “If you go to

    caucus on Monday night and stand up for me there, I ___(7)___ work my heart out for you as your president,

    ” Ms. Clinton said, urging her supporters to turn out for ___(8)___ Iowa gatherings in schools, churches and

    even private homes that open voting in the 2016 presidential campaign. “The stakes in this

    election ____(10)____ so high.”

    1) A. from B. so C. at D. to

    2) A. turnout this B. turnout that C. turned D. turned out

    3) A. but B. of C. at D. on

    4) A. of B. a C. for D. at

    5) A. with B. to C. from D. on

    6) A. that B. her C. his D. were

    7) A. shall B. will C. should D. want

    8) A. the B. on C. at D. a

    9) A. that is B. on this C. in this D. at the

    10) A. that B. will C. at D. are
    1. Option 'A' 2. Option 'B'
    3. Option 'D' 4. Option 'C'
    5. Option 'A' 6. Option 'C'
    7. Option 'B' 8. Option 'A'
    9. Option 'C' 10. Option 'D'
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