Cloze Test Questions and Answers : Verbal ability

  1. 2.   The RBI …(1)… advised banks to open …(2)… MSE focused branch offices at different MSEclusters which

    can also act as counselling centres …(3)… MSEs. Each lead bank of the district may adopt atleast one cluster.

    A Microfinance model which has been relatively successful is the SHG Bank linkage model which leverages

    the penetrative reach of the NGOs and civil society organizations and …(4)… financial strength and managerial

    expertise of the commercial banks. …(5)… from a modest scale as a pilot in the year 1992, the SHG-Bank

    linkage program linked 79.60 lakh savings-linked Self Help Groups (SHGs) covering over 10.3 crore poor

    households as on 31 March 2012. As per the NABARD Annual Report, however, the concentration of the SHG

    Bank linkage model continues to be …(6)… the southern states and is not evenly spread over the

    BIMARU(Bihar, Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh) states. The second model is that of the

    registered NBFCs. These work as profit companies and extend loans to the entrepreneurial poor at the

    middle of the pyramid. This is …(7)… important distinction which I want to emphasize as this Brings into

    salience the continuing need and relevance of this model. There is an …(8)… role which both models of

    microfinance fulfill in the critical areas of training and capacity building of the poor. …(9)… enables them to

    graduate to larger loans and to setting up sustainable,scalable, self-sustaining enterprises and income-

    generating projects which pay …(10)… themselves.

    1) A. did B. has C. had D. have

    2) A. many B. many C. much D. more

    3) A. for B. with C. to D. at

    4) A. a B. the C. for D. to

    5) A. Initiating B. Budding C. Starting D. Beginning

    6) A. at B. to C. from D. for

    7) A. an B. a C. the D. most

    8) A. important B. crucial C. key D. vital

    9) A. That B. Will C. This D. Can

    10) A. with B. for C. at D. for
    1. Option 'B' 2. Option 'D'
    3. Option 'A' 4. Option 'B'
    5. Option 'C' 6. Option 'B'
    7. Option 'A' 8. Option 'A'
    9. Option 'C' 10. Option 'D'
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