Tenses Questions and Answers : Verbal ability

  1. 11.  They __________ tomorrow.
    A.) will arrive B.) arrive
    C.) is arriving D.) arrives
    Answer: Option 'A'

  2. 12.  I _________ the test tomorrow at this time.
    A.) shall write B.) will writew
    C.) writing D.) shall be writing
    Answer: Option 'D'

  3. 13.  You ________ the task by tomorrow.
    A.) will complete B.) complete
    C.) will have completed D.) shall complete
    Answer: Option 'C'

  4. 14.  They ________ for her for 2 hours by the time she cooks the food.
    A.) will have been waiting B.) will has been waiting
    C.) will had been waiting D.) will be waiting
    Answer: 'A'

  5. 15.  If I _______ the news, I would have informed.
    A.) has known B.) had known
    C.) have known D.) knew
    Answer: Option 'B'

  6. 16.  Rahul enquired the guard whether anyone _______ in his absence.
    A.) has come B.) have come
    C.) had come D.) will have come
    Answer: Option 'C'

  7. 17.  Children will not learn anything if they __________.
    A.) are discouraged B.) have been discouraged
    C.) had been discouraged D.) is discouraged
    Answer: Option 'A'

  8. 18.  He _______ here for 6 years by next year.
    A.) will has been working B.) will be working
    C.) will had been working D.) will have been working
    Answer: Option 'D'

  9. 19.  I ________ Ruchi lately.
    A.) hasn't seen B.) haven't seen
    C.) wasn't seen D.) hadn't seen
    Answer: 'B'

  10. 20.  At this moment, I _______ a letter.
    A.) am writing B.) writing
    C.) writes D.) wrote
    Answer: Option 'A'
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