Tenses Questions and Answers : Verbal ability

  1. 21.  Nowadays many people _________ smart phones.
    A.) is using B.) use
    C.) are using D.) uses
    Answer: Option 'C'

  2. 22.  _______ your lunch yet?
    A.) had you eaten B.) has you eaten
    C.) have you ate D.) have you eaten
    Answer: Option 'D'

  3. 23.  He __________ a year ago.
    A.) died B.) dies
    C.) dead D.) dying
    Answer: Option 'A'

  4. 24.  Once upon a time, there _____ a young boy.
    A.) is B.) was
    C.) has been D.) were
    Answer: Option 'B'

  5. 25.  It __________ down tonight.
    A.) shall cool B.) cools
    C.) will cool D.) cool
    Answer: Option 'C'

  6. 26.  How soon _______ the party begin?
    A.) will B.) is
    C.) was D.) none
    Answer: Option 'A'

  7. 27.  They __________ lunch by the time we arrive.
    A.) eaten B.)shall have eaten
    C.) ate D.) will have eaten
    Answer: Option 'D'

  8. 28.  I __________ all day yesterday.
    A.) is working B.)am working
    C.) was working D.) were working
    Answer: Option 'C'

  9. 29.  I _________ such a beautiful place before I went there.
    A.) had never seen B.) has never seen
    C.) wasn't seen D.) never seen
    Answer: 'A'

  10. 30.  A cake _________ by me.
    A.) have been made B.) been made
    C.) has been made D.) made
    Answer: Option 'C'
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