Current Affairs November 09 2019 Quiz - RRB NTPC & Group D MCQs


Which organization has redrawn the new political map after official formation of the UT of J&K, and Ladakh?

   A.) Survey of India
   B.) Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC)
   C.) Vigyan Prasar
   D.) National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO)

Answer: Option 'A'

Survey of India


For which purpose the Siemens has signed Memoranda of Understandings(MoU) with power producer NTPC (formerly National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) and The Energy and Resources Institute(TERI)?

   A.) For GeM Pool Accounts (GPA)
   B.) For Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
   C.) For Earnest Money Deposit
   D.) For decarbonisation

Answer: Option 'D'

For decarbonisation


Name the field for which German Chancellor Angela Merkel, pledged to invest €1 billion over the next five years . 

   A.) In the field of Start-ups
   B.) In the Field of Civil Aviation
   C.) Environment friendly urban mobility
   D.) International smart cities network

Answer: Option 'C'

Environment friendly urban mobility


Who led the Indian delegation to the 7th meeting of India-US (United States) Economic and Financial partnership (EFP) dialogue 2019?

   A.) Amit Shah
   B.) Nirmala Sitharaman
   C.) Nitin Gadkari
   D.) Rajnath Singh

Answer: Option 'B'

Nirmala Sitharaman


Name the Regional Rural Bank which has collaborated with the Stock Holdings Corporation of India Limited to launch e-stamp counter in Agartala.

   A.) Agartala Marudhara Gramin Bank
   B.) Tripura Gramin Bank
   C.) Agartala Gramin Bank
   D.) Kshetriya Gramin Bank

Answer: Option 'B'

Tripura Gramin Bank

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