Current Affairs November 23 2019 Quiz - RRB NTPC & Group D MCQs


Which state/UT has the highest population density with 11,320 people per square kilometer?

   A.) Maharashtra
   B.) Delhi
   C.) Uttar Pradesh
   D.) Gujarat

Answer: Option 'B'



Where was the 3rd edition of the Global Ayurveda Summit 2019 held?

   A.) Kochi, Kerala
   B.) Mumbai, Maharashtra
   C.) Kolkata, West Bengal
   D.) New Delhi, Delhi

Answer: Option 'A'

Kochi, Kerala


Which city is set to host the 2019 United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (also known as Conference of the Parties (COP) 25 climate summit 2019) after Chile’s withdrawal?

   A.) Edinburgh, Scotland
   B.) London, United Kingdom
   C.) Madrid, Spain
   D.) Paris, France

Answer: Option 'C'

Madrid, Spain


Which was the deadliest part of the world for journalists where 30 % of global killings- 149 people killed between 2014-18 as per the UNESCO report titled “ Intensified Attacks, New Defences; Developments in the Fight to Protect Journalists and End Impunity”?

   A.) Asian Nation
   B.) Latin America
   C.) Caribbean region
   D.) Arab States

Answer: Option 'D'

Arab States


Who was conferred with the 28th Vyas Samman for the year 2018 in New Delhi for his 12th anthology of poetry collection ‘Jitne Log Utne Prem’.

   A.) Sachchidananda Vatsyayan
   B.) Kedarnath Singh
   C.) Leeladhar Jagoori
   D.) Manglesh Dabral

Answer: Option 'C'

Leeladhar Jagoori


Name the Swedish teenage climate activist who has refused to accept Nordic Council’s environmental award 2019 .

   A.) Greta Thunberg
   B.) Vic Barrett
   C.) Luisa Neubauer
   D.) Kallan Benson

Answer: Option 'A'

Greta Thunberg


Under which article the Chief Justice of the High Court’s are transferred?

   A.) Article 222 of the constitution of India
   B.) Article 322 of the constitution of India
   C.) Article 422 of the constitution of India
   D.) Article 522 of the constitution of India

Answer: Option 'A'

Article 222 of the constitution of India


Name the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dhanlaxmi Bank, who resigned from the post on October 30, 2019 .

   A.) K.N. Murali
   B.) Lakshmy Devi
   C.) T. Latha
   D.) K Srinivasan

Answer: Option 'C'

T. Latha


Which country’s women team won the Emerging asia cup 2019 title in Colombo, Sri Lanka ?

   A.) Australia
   B.) Bangladesh
   C.) Sri Lanka
   D.) India

Answer: Option 'D'


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