Current Affairs September 25 2019 Quiz For RRB NTPC & Group D MCQs


Who was appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Norway on September 6, 2019 ?

   A.) B. Bala Bhaskar
   B.) Ashok Das
   C.) Vikram Misri
   D.) Tsewang Namgyal

Answer: Option 'A'

B. Bala Bhaskar


For what reason, Event Horizon Telescope Team were felicitated with Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics also known as the “Oscars of science” award?

   A.) For discovering the oldest known organism
   B.) For Redefining the Kilogram
   C.) For the discovery of pulsars
   D.) For Producing World’s first image of a black hole

Answer: Option 'D'

For Producing World’s first image of a black hole


Which Indian Naval Ship(INS) has participated in 28th edition of India-Thailand Coordinated Patrol(Indo-Thai CORPAT) in Bangkok, Thailand ?

   A.) INS Gharial
   B.) INS Airavat
   C.) INS Shardul
   D.) INS Kesari

Answer: Option 'D'

INS Kesari


By which year, WHO (World Health Organisation) South-East Asia Region have vowed to eradicate the highly infectious childhood killers diseases of measles & rubella?

   A.) 2023
   B.) 2030
   C.) 2031
   D.) 2025

Answer: Option 'A'



Who is the the fastest Indian wicket-keeper to claim 50 dismissals in Test cricket?

   A.) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
   B.) Dinesh Kartik
   C.) Rishabh Pant
   D.) Riddhiman Saha

Answer: Option 'C'

Rishabh Pant

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