Current Affairs Quiz : June 18 2020


The river Vamsadhara originates in which state?

   A.) Jharkhand
   B.) Bihar
   C.) Andhra Pradesh
   D.) Odisha

Answer: Option 'D'


The Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha will hold talks to clear out all differences with regard to the sharing of Vamsadhara river waters. Andhra Pradesh wants to build the Neradi bridge across the river which will be possible only after Odisha’s consent. Andhra Pradesh also wants to complete the inter-linking of its Nagavali river with the Vamsadhara and expand the Madduvalasa Reservoir project soon. Vamsadhara is an east-flowing river which originates in Kalahandi district of Odisha, flows in Odisha, along its boundary with Andhra Pradesh and finally joins the Bay of Bengal at Kalingapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The Interstate River Water Disputes Act, 1956 (IRWD Act) is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted under Article 262 of Constitution of India to resolve river disputes.


According to “Poonam Avlokkan” survey the population of the Asiatic lion at the Gir sanctuary risen to 29% (approx.) in 5 years. The Gir national park is located in which state?

   A.) Gujarat
   B.) Maharashtra
   C.) Punjab
   D.) Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option 'A'


According to the “Poonam Avlokkan” survey the population of the Asiatic lion at the Gir sanctuary in Gujarat has seen a commendable rise to approximately 29% (28.87%) from 27% in 2015 i.e their population went from 523 in 2015 to 674 in 2020.


Which state/UT government has renamed Environment ministry as ‘Environment and Climate change’ ministry in June 2020?

   A.) Maharashtra
   B.) Madhya Pradesh
   C.) Odisha
   D.) Haryana

Answer: Option 'A'


On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 05, 2020), the Maharashtra cabinet chaired by its Chief Minister (CM) Uddhav Bal Thackeray has approved a proposal to rename the state’s Environment Ministry as ‘Environment and Climate Change Ministry’ with the aim to play an active role in climate change mitigation.


Name the state which has launched ‘Panchvati Yojana’ for the senior citizens of rural areas.

   A.) Arunachal Pradesh
   B.) Himachal Pradesh
   C.) Madhya Pradesh
   D.) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option 'B'

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh(HP) Chief Minister(CM) Jai Ram Thakur launched ‘Panchvati Yojana’ for the senior citizens of rural areas of the state. Under the yojana parks & gardens will be established in every development block with mandatory facilities under Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act(MNREGA) 2005, Scheme of Rural Development Department. About 100 such parks will be developed in different parts of the state during FY 2020.


Who is the present president of Asian Development Bank (ADB)?

   A.) K. V. Kamath
   B.) Anil Kishora
   C.) Masatsugu Asakawa
   D.) Ahmed M. Saeed

Answer: Option 'C'

Masatsugu Asakawa

Masatsugu Asakawa is the current President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


Central government has extended Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) for migrant workers recently. Who is the CEO of AB-PMJAY?

   A.) Amitabh Kant
   B.) Indu Malhotra
   C.) Tanveer Singh
   D.) Indu Bhushan

Answer: Option 'D'

Indu Bhushan

Indian government extended its health insurance scheme Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) for migrant workers facing unemployment, across states. National Health Authority (NHA) is the nodal agency for implementing AB-PMJAY. CEO of AB-PMJAY and NHA– Dr Indu Bhushan.


Lonar Lake which is in news recently is located in which state?

   A.) Gujarat
   B.) Bihar
   C.) Maharashtra
   D.) West Bengal

Answer: Option 'C'


The color of water in Maharashtra’s Lonar lake, formed after a meteorite hit the Earth some 50,000 years ago, has changed to pink with experts attributing it to the salinity and presence of algae in the water body. It is India’s only crater lake. India has proposed this lake along with 9 other sites as sites of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.


Bhogapuram airport is located in which state?

   A.) Andhra Pradesh
   B.) Haryana
   C.) Punjab
   D.) Maharashtra

Answer: Option 'A'

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra government signs agreement with GMR to develop Bhogapuram airport. While Special Chief Secretary (Infrastructure and Investments) R Karikal Valaven signed the agreement on behalf of the State government, GMR Chairman GBS Raju inked the pact on behalf of GMR Airports.


K Sanjita Chanu who is in news recently is associated with which sport?

   A.) Wrestling
   B.) Golf
   C.) Archery
   D.) Weightlifting

Answer: Option 'D'



Kempegowda International Airport is in which state?

   A.) Telangana
   B.) Madhya Pradesh
   C.) Tamil Nadu
   D.) Karnataka

Answer: Option 'D'



Andhra Pradesh government has launched ‘Jagananna Chedodu’ scheme to provide financial assistance to tailors, barbers and dhobis. Under the scheme Rs. ____ will be provided per person for 2.47 Lakh workers.

   A.) 5,000
   B.) 10,000
   C.) 20,000
   D.) 15,000

Answer: Option 'B'


Andhra Pradesh(AP) Chief Minister(CM) Yeduguri Sandinti(YS) Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the ‘Jagananna Chedodu’ scheme to provide financial assistance to tailors, barbers and dhobis(washermen). Under the scheme, Rs 10,000 per person was provided to 2.47 lakh beneficiaries under 60 years of age – washermen (82,347), barbers (38,767) and tailors (1,25,926).


The senior lawmakers from 8 democracies have formed an Inter parliamentary alliance to counter which country?

   A.) China
   B.) India
   C.) Russia
   D.) Japan

Answer: Option 'A'


Senior lawmakers from eight democracies including the United States have united to counter Communist China. Launched on June 5, Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) is “an international cross-party group of legislators working towards reform on how democratic countries approach China”.


Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary is located at which Indian state?

   A.) Odisha
   B.) Maharashtra
   C.) Bihar
   D.) Meghalaya

Answer: Option 'C'


Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary is located in Bhagalpur District of Bihar, India.


Which country has signed agreement with Italy to demarcate maritime boundaries?

   A.) Greece
   B.) Bosnia
   C.) Albania
   D.) Croatia

Answer: Option 'A'


Greece and Italy have signed an agreement demarcating their maritime boundaries, amid tension in the Mediterranean region over rights to natural resources. The agreement signed on Tuesday in Athens tackled an issue that had been pending for 40 years.


Which among the following was known as Asia’s version of Noble prize?

   A.) Pulitzer awards
   B.) Ramon Magsaysay awards
   C.) BAFTA awards
   D.) WOW Awards

Answer: Option 'B'

Ramon Magsaysay awards

A Philippine peace award has been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, marking only the third disruption in six decades for the annual prize regarded as an Asian Nobel. The Manila-based foundation that hands out the Ramon Magsaysay awards said recently it has no choice “with the COVID-19 pandemic practically immobilizing the world.”

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