Current Affairs Quiz English September 22 2019 - For RRB NTPC & Group D MCQs


Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan has been appointed as the Governor of which state?

   A.) Kerala
   B.) Maharashtra
   C.) Rajasthan
   D.) Telangana

Answer: Option 'D'



The new Health Insurance Scheme AB-MGRSBY Launched in which state?

   A.) West Bengal
   B.) Andra Pradesh
   C.) Rajasthan
   D.) Bihar

Answer: Option 'C'



Name the Indian delegate, who addressed the valedictory session of the national conference on 2019 ‘India-Africa Partnership in a Changing Global Order–Priorities, Prospects and Challenges’ in New Delhi?

   A.) Venkaiah Naidu
   B.) Rajnath Singh
   C.) Ram Nath Kovind
   D.) Narendra Modi

Answer: Option 'A'

Venkaiah Naidu


Who among the following to be honoured with Global Goalkeeper Award?

   A.) Michel Temer
   B.) Lee Hsien Loong
   C.) Robert Mueller
   D.) Narendra Mod

Answer: Option 'D'

Narendra Mod


Which organization has organized the valedictory session of the national conference on 2019 ‘India-Africa Partnership in a Changing Global Order–Priorities, Prospects and Challenges’ in New Delhi ?

   A.) Centre for Civil Society(CCS)
   B.) Indian Council for Cultural Relations(ICCR)
   C.) Centre for Policy Research(CPR)
   D.) Indian Council of World Affairs(ICWA)

Answer: Option 'D'

Indian Council of World Affairs(ICWA)


Which state government has determined to make a Special Tiger Force for Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve?

   A.) Bihar
   B.) Uttarakhand
   C.) Odisha
   D.) Nagaland

Answer: Option 'B'



Who is the author of the book on Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) named “Shakti Ki Manyata- Samyukta Rashtra Suraksha Parishad” released by Venkaiah Naidu recently?

   A.) T.C.A. Raghavan
   B.) Dilip Sinha
   C.) Bhaswati Mukherjee
   D.) Nivedita Ray

Answer: Option 'B'

Dilip Sinha


Who inagurated the 72nd Session of the WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia held in New Delhi?

   A.) Ravi Shankar Prasad
   B.) Ram Vilas Paswan
   C.) Prakash Javadekar
   D.) Harsh Vardhan

Answer: Option 'D'

Harsh Vardhan


Which two countries agreed to work towards the establishment of a Joint Working Group on Cyber Security Cooperation ?

   A.) India & South Korea
   B.) India & Indonesia
   C.) India & Australia
   D.) India & Russia

Answer: Option 'C'

India & Australia


This country will soon launch a special police unit to patrol isles in East China Sea.

   A.) China
   B.) Bhutan
   C.) Japan
   D.) Philippines

Answer: Option 'C'



Where was the 3rd India-Australia Cyber Policy Dialogue for the year 2019 held?

   A.) New Delhi, India
   B.) Sydney, Australia
   C.) Canberra, Australia
   D.) Mumbai, India

Answer: Option 'A'

New Delhi, India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Garvi Gujarat Bhavan in __________.

   A.) New Delhi
   B.) Rajkot
   C.) Mumbai
   D.) Surat

Answer: Option 'A'

New Delhi


Under which act, Maulana Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi & Dawood Ibrahim have been declared as individual terrorists ?

   A.) Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1948
   B.) Indian Unlawful Activities Amendment Act, 1958
   C.) Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1908
   D.) Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), 1967

Answer: Option 'D'

Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), 1967


Khadi and Village Industries Commission has launched a 'Terracotta Grinder' in which city?

   A.) Kanpur
   B.) Varanasi
   C.) Nagpur
   D.) Lucknow

Answer: Option 'B'



Who released the report on the presence of tigers in high altitude ecosystems prepared by the Global Tiger Forum (GTF) ?

   A.) Dharmendra Pradhan
   B.) Prakash Javadekar
   C.) Harsh Vardhan
   D.) Ravi Shankar Prasad

Answer: Option 'B'

Prakash Javadekar


What is the new Merchant Discount Rate(MDR) for transactions above Rs 2,000 in BHIM UPI (Unified Payment Interface) transactions?

   A.) 0.65%
   B.) 0.50%
   C.) 0.75%
   D.) 0.30%

Answer: Option 'A'



Who wrote the book "India's Lost Frontier the Story of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan"?

   A.) Raghvendra Singh
   B.) Kana Ram
   C.) Manish Kumar
   D.) Dhivya Mital

Answer: Option 'A'

Raghvendra Singh


Where was the first National Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Forensics held ?

   A.) Chennai, Tamil Nadu
   B.) Guwahati, Assam
   C.) New Delhi, Delhi
   D.) Kolkata, West Bengal

Answer: Option 'C'

New Delhi, Delhi


The 14th Conference of Parties (COP14) was inaugurated at __________.

   A.) Ahmedabad
   B.) Kanpur
   C.) Noida
   D.) Kolkata

Answer: Option 'C'



What was the theme of the 2019 Joint Naval Annual Quality Conclave(JNAQC) that held in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh ?

   A.) Theme – “Transformation of QA Paradigm: Opportunities and Challenges”
   B.) Theme – “Opportunities in Modern Navy for Young minds and Businesses”
   C.) Theme – “Transforming Logistics Landscape”
   D.) Theme – “To improve Navy freedom across the world.”

Answer: Option 'A'

Theme – “Transformation of QA Paradigm: Opportunities and Challenges”

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