IndianStudyHub Current Affairs Quiz of June 2018 Set - 3


World Environment Day is celebrated annually worldwide on ____ and to support it this year , the Union Minister of Culture and Environment Mr. Mahesh Sharma announced the ‘Taj Declaration to Beat Plastic Pollution’?

   A.) June 6
   B.) June 3
   C.) June 4
   D.) June 5

Answer: Option 'D'

June 5


On June 4, 2018, Ministry of Agriculture announced the launch of ____ from June 1 2018 till July 31st 2018 to help , advise, assist farmers to improve their farming techniques and increase their income?

   A.) Srishti Kalyan Abhiyaan
   B.) Krishi Kalyan Abhiyaan
   C.) Samriti Kalyan Abhiyaan
   D.) Krishi Seva Abhiyaan

Answer: Option 'B'

Krishi Kalyan Abhiyaan


On 4th June 2018, where was the State Environment Ministers Conference in the run-up to World Environment Day held?

   A.) Mumbai
   B.) Panaji
   C.) New Delhi
   D.) Dehradun

Answer: Option 'C'

New Delhi


On 4th June 2018, Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan released ‘Status of Environment Report, India 2015′ at the state environment ministers’ conference held in New Delhi, as per which, India’s forest cover was ____% in 2015?

   A.) 29.45
   B.) 25.14
   C.) 21.34
   D.) 22.45

Answer: Option 'C'



On June 4, 2018, according to a report released by ASSOCHAM and NEC , India is among the top ____ nations in producing e-waste?

   A.) 5
   B.) 4
   C.) 3
   D.) 2

Answer: Option 'A'

The other countries besides India are : China , US, Japan and Germany. Out of the total e-waste generated in 2016, only 20% (8.9 MT) has been recycled and the rest has no records. Among the states Maharashtra ranks first with 19.8%, Tamil Nadu ranks second with 13% , Uttar Pradesh 10.1%, West Bengal 9.8%, Delhi 9.5%, Karnataka 8.9%, Gujarat 8.8% ,Madhya Pradesh 7.6%.The global volume of E-waste would rise to 52.2 million tonnes or 6.8 kg per person on an average by 2021 from 47.7 MT from 2016 at an annual growth rate of 20%


On June 4, 2018, RBI supplied _____ for the implementation of Telengana Government’s investment program ‘Rythu Bandhu’ launched in May 2018?

   A.) Rs.6500 crore
   B.) Rs.5400 crore
   C.) Rs.4800 crore
   D.) Rs.3200 crore

Answer: Option 'B'

Rs.5400 crore
Under the scheme the state govt. will give 4000 per hectare for two seasons by cheques . The Govt. has allotted 12000 crore as the budget in the scheme. The amount of total Rs.5400 crore was given to the banks and the State Financial Department. A total of 59 lakh cheques has been dispatched by the banks headed by SBI. For the current season total requirement for the scheme is Rs.5700 crore.


On June 4, 2018, who was selected as the Secretary and CEO of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation(RGF) and the Director of Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies (RGICS)?

   A.) Vijay Mahajan
   B.) Pramod Kumar
   C.) Debashish Banerjee
   D.) Prathik Singh

Answer: Option 'A'

Vijay Mahajan


On 4th June 2018, Madagascar’s Prime Minister _____ announced his resignation?

   A.) Esperald Malfoy
   B.) Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana
   C.) Cameron Diaz
   D.) Ramsay Jerald

Answer: Option 'B'

Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana


On 3rd June 2018, who became the first player from Thailand to win the 73rd US Women’s Open at the Shoal Creek, Alabama course, United States?

   A.) Danielle Kang
   B.) Ariya Jutanugarn
   C.) Kim Hyo-joo
   D.) Carlota Ciganda

Answer: Option 'B'

Ariya Jutanugarn


When was the 29th Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre observed?

   A.) June 3
   B.) June 4
   C.) June 2
   D.) June 5

Answer: Option 'B'

June 4

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