Biology Questions and Answers For Groups


Plantain is

   A.) a perennial herb
   B.) a tree
   C.) an annual herb
   D.) a shrub

Answer: Option 'A'

a perennial herb


Which of the following is the largest phyllum in the animal kingdom in respect of number of species

   A.) Chordata
   B.) Arthropoda
   C.) Platyhelminthes
   D.) Annalida

Answer: Option 'B'



Five Kingdom Classification was preposed by _________

   A.) Ariostotle
   B.) whittaker
   C.) George Bentham
   D.) Linnacus

Answer: Option 'B'



Damage to hearing is caused by sounds which exceed

   A.) 100 decibels
   B.) 120 decibels
   C.) 80 decibels
   D.) 70 decibels

Answer: Option 'B'

​120 decibels


Who is known as father of Zoology

   A.) Lamark
   B.) Aristotle
   C.) Darwin
   D.) Theophrastus

Answer: Option 'B'



Which of the following is not a function of proteins?

   A.) Nail formation
   B.) Store and transmit Heredity
   C.) Build tissues such as bone and muscle
   D.) Help to fight disease

Answer: Option 'B'

Protiens can help fight specific diseases, always there to regulate cell processes and build muscle/tissues.

Structural proteins also known as Fibrous proteins, are necessary components of your body. They include collagen, keratin and elastin. Collagen forms the connective framework of your muscles, bones, tendons, skin and cartilage. Keratin is the main structural component in hair, nails, teeth and skin.

  • Nucleic acids store and transmit heredity.


Branch of biology in which we study about cultivation of flowering plant

   A.) Phenology
   B.) Floriculture
   C.) Agronomy
   D.) Botany

Answer: Option 'B'



Plants grow in size because of 

   A.) enlargement of cells
   B.) addition of cells
   C.) increase in size of cells
   D.) elongation of cells

Answer: Option 'B'

addition of cells


Hardest Part of the Human Body?

   A.) Temporal bone of skull
   B.) Knee bone
   C.) Tooth Enamel
   D.) Femur

Answer: Option 'C'

Tooth Enamel is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in the human body. It is a tissue and not a bone. This tissue has high mineral content which makes it hardest substance.


Who is known as father of medicine

   A.) Hippocrates
   B.) Theophrastus
   C.) Aristotle
   D.) Edward Jenner

Answer: Option 'A'



In electro - magnetic radiation, which of the following has greater wave - length than visible light

   A.) Cosmic rays
   B.) Ultra -violet rays
   C.) Infra - red rays
   D.) x-rays

Answer: Option 'C'

Infra - red rays


Cutaneous respiration occurs in

   A.) Cockroach
   B.) Salamander
   C.) Crab
   D.) Parrot

Answer: Option 'B'



Genes are made of 

   A.) Carbohydrates
   B.) Proteins
   C.) Fats
   D.) Nucleotides

Answer: Option 'D'

Genes: The DNA is the genetic material. The DNA is made of several nucleotides. A nucleotide means, one nitrogenous base one sugar molecule and a phosphate molecule. These Nucleotides occur in sequences and several nucleotides form one gene ( a functional gene is called a cistron)


Oparin is known for his hypothesis on

   A.) one germ one disease
   B.) origin of life
   C.) one gene one enzyme
   D.) origin of species

Answer: Option 'B'

A. J . Oparin was the first to propose the origin of life from inorganic chemical atoms like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon.


Sleeping sickness in man is caused by the organism

   A.) giardia
   B.) trypanosoma
   C.) entamoeba
   D.) plasmodium

Answer: Option 'B'

Trypanosoma is a protozoan animal. It lives as a parasite in the blood and later invades the cerebrospinal fluid to cause the sleeping sickness. This parasite is transmitted by the Tsetse fly.

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