Important Days and Years Questions and Answers

  • 1. Journalist's Day was celebrated for the first time all over the country on
   A.) Oct 20,1984
   B.) Oct 1,1984
   C.) Oct 8,1984
   D.) Oct 28,1984

Answer: Option 'D'

Oct 28,1984

  • 2. October 24 is observed as
   A.) World Immunization Day
   B.) United Nations Day
   C.) World Vegetarian Day
   D.) World Environment Day

Answer: Option 'B'

United Nations Day

  • 3. World Blood Donar Day is observed on ___________
   A.) 14 - November
   B.) 14 - June
   C.) 24 - June
   D.) 24 - November

Answer: Option 'B'

14 - June

  • 4. November 30 is observed as ______
   A.) International Cooperative Day
   B.) International Human Solidarity Day
   C.) United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
   D.) Computer Security Day

Answer: Option 'D'

Computer Security Day

  • 5. 'World Diabetes Day' is observed on
   A.) June 27
   B.) July 27
   C.) August 1
   D.) August 7

Answer: Option 'A'

June 27

  • 6. First tuesday of may is observed as
   A.) World Immunization Day
   B.) World Asthma Day
   C.) Global family Day
   D.) International Human Solidarity Day

Answer: Option 'B'

World Asthma Day

  • 7. January 1 is observed as
   A.) Global family day
   B.) World red cross day
   C.) World telecommunication day
   D.) Common wealth day

Answer: Option 'A'

Global family day

  • 8. January 29 is observed as ______
   A.) World telecommunication Day
   B.) World Leprosy Day
   C.) World red cross Day
   D.) Global Family Day

Answer: Option 'B'

World Leprosy Day

  • 9. United Nations adopted a charter of Economic Rights in the year
   A.) 1956
   B.) 1969
   C.) 1964
   D.) 1974

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 10. International Women's day is observed on
   A.) 27th March
   B.) 15th march
   C.) 8th March
   D.) 3rd March

Answer: Option 'C'

8th March