Important Days and Years Questions and Answers


Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) has celebrated 'World Honey Bee Day' on?

   A.) 18th August
   B.) 19th August
   C.) 21st August
   D.) 16th August

Answer: Option 'B'

19th August


First tuesday of may is observed as

   A.) World Immunization Day
   B.) World Asthma Day
   C.) Global family Day
   D.) International Human Solidarity Day

Answer: Option 'B'

World Asthma Day


International Workers' Day or Labour Day is celebrated on?

   A.) June 1st
   B.) July 1st
   C.) April 1st
   D.) May 1st

Answer: Option 'D'

  • International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day in some countries, is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement, socialists, communists or anarchists. 
  • It occurs every year on May Day which is May 1st. It is the day to pay tribute to the Labourers. Without them nothing will complete. 
  • In India, the first Labour Day, or May Day, was celebrated in 1923 in Chennai.


World hemophilia day is observed globally on ___________.

   A.) 21 April
   B.) 18 April
   C.) 15 April
   D.) 17 April

Answer: Option 'D'

World hemophilia day is observed globally on 17 April.


The United Nation declared 2006 as the International year of

   A.) Communication
   B.) Elderly Persons
   C.) World Population
   D.) Rice

Answer: Option 'D'



The first-ever International MSME Day 2017 has celebrated on which day?

   A.) June 26
   B.) June 28
   C.) June 27
   D.) June 23

Answer: Option 'C'

The International Trade Centre (ITC) has celebrated the first-ever International MSME Day on June 27, 2017 with theme ‘Small business – big impact’. The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness about the importance of MSMEs to economic growth and international development. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day highlights the strong contribution of MSMEs worldwide to livelihoods, communities and economies and the need to support MSMEs towards their success. The ITC is the joint agency of the UN and the WTO supporting SMEs in developing countries and transition economies for sustainable and inclusive trade.


World Blood Donar Day is observed on ___________

   A.) 14 - November
   B.) 14 - June
   C.) 24 - June
   D.) 24 - November

Answer: Option 'B'

14 - June


Human Rights day is observed on

   A.) December 25
   B.) December 10
   C.) December 14
   D.) December 28

Answer: Option 'B'

December 10


'World Diabetes Day' is observed on

   A.) June 27
   B.) July 27
   C.) August 1
   D.) August 7

Answer: Option 'A'

June 27


World Homeopathy Day is observed globally on ___________.

   A.) 13th April
   B.) 12th April
   C.) 11th April
   D.) 10th April

Answer: Option 'D'

10th April


On which of the following dates is the Navy Day celebrated in India?

   A.) January 15
   B.) December 4
   C.) February 1
   D.) October 8

Answer: Option 'B'

On December 4, 1971, the Indian Navy successfully executed Operation Trident, which was a devastating attack on Pakistan Naval Headquarters in Karachi. The operation, which marked the first use of anti-ship missiles in the region, did irreparable damage to the Karachi port during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. To commemorate this, December 4 is celebrated as the Indian Navy Day.

Every year to celebrate the achievements and role of the naval force to the country we clebrate Navy Day. The Indian Navy is the marine branch of the Indian Armed Forces and is led by the President of India as Commander-in-Chief.


When is World Day for Water, recognised by the UN observed?

   A.) January 21
   B.) March 22
   C.) October 27
   D.) February 24

Answer: Option 'B'

March 22


World Tobacco Day is celebrated on _____ ?

   A.) 1 June
   B.) 31 May
   C.) 30 May
   D.) 5 June

Answer: Option 'B'

31 May


What is the 2017 theme of International Day for Biodiversity (IDB)?

   A.) Biodiversity and Agriculture
   B.) Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism
   C.) Invasive Alien Species
   D.) Convention on Biological Diversity

Answer: Option 'B'

The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) is observed every year on May 22 to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. The 2017 theme “Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism” provides an opportunity to raise awareness and action towards the important contribution of sustainable tourism both to economic growth and to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.


Press freedom day is celebrated on

   A.) May 4
   B.) May 3
   C.) May 2
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'B'

May 3

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