List of Endangered Animals in India

List of Endangered Animals in India

According to the Red Data Book of International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are 47 critically endangered animal species in India (as of 5th September 2011). The Red List of 2012 was relesed at the Rio + 20 Earth Summit. It contains 51 species of animals in India as critically endangered.

Critically Endangered

1. Namdapha flying squirrel
2. Himalayan Wolf
3. Kash (Andaman Shrew)
4. Jenkin's Shrew
5. Nicobar Shrew
6. Kondana soft-furred civet
8. Pygmy Hog
9. Sumatran Rhinoceros (smallest Rhinoceros)
10. Javan Rhinoceros (Sundo Rhinoceros or lesser one horned Rhinoceros)
11. Kashmir Stag (the only surviving sub-species of the Red Deer in Europe in the Indian subcontinent)
1. White-bellied Heron
2. Great Indian Bustard
3. Forest Owlet
4. Baer's Pochard (Diving Duck)
5. Spoon - billed Sandpiper
6. Siberian Crane
7. Indian Vulture
8. White-rumped Vulture
9. Slender-billed Vulture
10. Bengal Florican (Bengal Bustard)
11. Himalayan Quail
12. Jerdon's Courser
13. Red - headed Vulture
14. Pink-headed Duck
15. Sociable Lapwing
16. Begun Liocichla (Passerine bird species)
1. Northern river Terrapin
2. Red-crowned roofed Turtle
3. Leatherback Sea Turle
4. Assam-roofed Turtle
5. Hawksbill Sea Turtle
6. Gharial
1. Ghats wart Frog
2. Gundia Indian Frog
3. Toad-skinned Frog
4. Charles Darwin's Frog
5. Rao's Torrent Frog
6. Amboli bush Frog
7. White-spotted bush Frog
8. Griet bush Frog
10. Ponmudi bush frog
11. Sacred Grove bush Frog
12. Shilong bubble-nest Frog
13. Anaimalai flying Frog
1. Knifetooth Sawfish
2. Largetooth Sawfish
3. Longcomb Sawfish
4. Pondicherry Shark
5. Ganges Shark
6. Deccan labeo

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