Indian Geography Questions and Answers

  • 1. ”DUNCAN PASS” seperates.
A.) Car Nicobar-Greater Nicobar
B.) Little Nicobar-South Andaman
C.) North Andaman-south Andaman
D.) South Andaman-middle Andaman

Answer: Option 'B'

Little Nicobar-South Andaman

  • 2. ”10 channel” seperates
A.) Car Nicobar-greater Nicobar
B.) Little Nicobar-south Andaman
C.) North Andaman-south Andaman
D.) Little Andaman-car Nicobar

Answer: Option 'D'

Little Andaman-car Nicobar

  • 3. ”Coco island” located between
A.) India-Bangladesh
B.) India-Myanmar
C.) India-Pakistan
D.) India-Srilanka

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 4. ”New moor” islands are located in
A.) Mouth of Ganges
B.) Mouth of Sindhu
C.) Mouth of Godavari
D.) Mouth of Narmada

Answer: Option 'A'

Mouth of Ganges

  • 5. In India volcanoes are located in
A.) ”Minicoy” island in Lakshadweeps
B.) ”Barren” island in Andaman islands
C.) New moor island in Bay of Bengal
D.) Majoli island in Assam

Answer: Option 'B'

”Barren” island in Andaman islands