World Geography Questions and Answers

  • 1. When does the distance between the sun and the earth is minimum?
A.) January 3
B.) June 21
C.) Sepetember 22
D.) December 22

Answer: Option 'A'

January 3

  • 2. When the sun is nearest to the earth, the earth is said to be in
A.) Aphelion
B.) Apogee
C.) Perigee
D.) Perihelion

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 3. When does the earth is at its maximum distance from the sun?
A.) January 31
B.) July 4
C.) September 23
D.) December 22

Answer: Option 'B'

July 4

  • 4. When is the rate of rotation of the earth is highest on its axis?
A.) January 3
B.) December 22
C.) July 4
D.) It never changes

Answer: Option 'D'

It never changes

  • 5. The International Date Line is
A.) Equator
B.) 0° longitude
C.) 90° east longitude
D.) 180° longitude

Answer: Option 'D'

180° longitude