World Geography Questions and Answers


For which of the following the red sea is an example?

   A.) Residual structure
   B.) Folded structure
   C.) Faulted structure
   D.) Lava structure

Answer: Option 'C'

Faulted structure


......... soil is most common in Indo-Gangetic Plain.

   A.) Alluvial
   B.) Laterite
   C.) Regur
   D.) Podzol

Answer: Option 'A'



........ current is a warm current.

   A.) Kuro Shio current
   B.) Peru current
   C.) Okhotsk current
   D.) Oya Shio current

Answer: Option 'A'

Kuro Shio current


Where does the laterisation occur?

   A.) Poorly drained areas
   B.) Cool temperate areas
   C.) Rivrine tracts
   D.) Warm, Humid areas

Answer: Option 'D'

Warm, Humid areas


How does the velocity of winds is governed?

   A.) Rotation of the earth
   B.) Farrel’s law
   C.) Pressure gradient
   D.) Temperature

Answer: Option 'C'

Pressure gradient

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