World Geography Questions and Answers


The pressure exerted by the atmosphere at sea level is

   A.) One kg per
   B.) One pound per
   C.) Five kg per
   D.) Two kg per

Answer: Option 'A'

One kg per


The population is very low in one of the following places. What is it?

   A.) Southern part of Holland
   B.) North plain of Italy
   C.) Plain of Douro in Portugal
   D.) Interior part of Spain

Answer: Option 'D'

Interior part of Spain


Where is the biggest meat market of the world?

   A.) Boston
   B.) Chicago
   C.) London
   D.) Winnipeg

Answer: Option 'B'



How does the velocity of winds is governed?

   A.) Rotation of the earth
   B.) Farrel’s law
   C.) Pressure gradient
   D.) Temperature

Answer: Option 'C'

Pressure gradient


What is the ascending order in an oil well?

   A.) Oil, Gas, Water
   B.) Water, Gas, Oil
   C.) Water, Oil, Gas
   D.) Gas, Water, Oil

Answer: Option 'C'

Water, Oil, Gas

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