World Geography Questions and Answers


In which production, Republic of Congo is a leading country?

   A.) Diamond
   B.) Oil
   C.) Coal
   D.) Lead

Answer: Option 'A'



Where is Dead sea, a salt water lake, located?

   A.) Between Israel and Jordan
   B.) Between Egypt and Libya
   C.) Between Israel and Lebanon
   D.) Between Morocco and Spain

Answer: Option 'A'

Between Israel and Jordan


Where does the river Mississipi fall?

   A.) Atlantic Ocean
   B.) Superior lake
   C.) Pacific Ocean
   D.) The Gulf of Mexico

Answer: Option 'D'

The Gulf of Mexico


When does the earth is at its maximum distance from the sun?

   A.) January 31
   B.) July 4
   C.) September 23
   D.) December 22

Answer: Option 'B'

July 4


What does an upper air wind system with very high velocities in certain parts of the atmosphere is called?

   A.) Jet stream
   B.) A cyclone
   C.) Monsoon
   D.) An anticyclone

Answer: Option 'A'

Jet stream


.......... is not a green house gas.

   A.) Carbon dioxide
   B.) Nitrogen
   C.) CFCs
   D.) Water Vapour

Answer: Option 'B'



The clouds that are more commonly formed in the equatorial rainforests are

   A.) Alto cumulus
   B.) Nimbostratus
   C.) Cumulonibus
   D.) Stratocumulus

Answer: Option 'C'



With reference to the sun, the moon’s period of revolution is

   A.) Equal to one solar month
   B.) Equal to one sidereal month
   C.) Equal to one Synodic month
   D.) None of the above

Answer: Option 'C'

Equal to one Synodic month


When one crosses ............, a day is added.

   A.) 180° longitude from east to west
   B.) 180° longitude from west to east
   C.) The equator from north to south
   D.) The equator from south to north

Answer: Option 'A'

180° longitude from east to west


Where is the active volcano of Vesuvius in the following countries of Europe?

   A.) Norway
   B.) France
   C.) Italy
   D.) Germany

Answer: Option 'C'



The term ‘Cirrus’ means

   A.) A hail-bearing cloud
   B.) A low cloud
   C.) A high cloud
   D.) A rain-bearing cloud

Answer: Option 'C'

A high cloud


Baku is famous for

   A.) Petroleum
   B.) Ship building
   C.) Iron smelting
   D.) Aircraft industry

Answer: Option 'A'



What does ‘Willy-Willy’ mean?

   A.) A very high tide
   B.) Tropical cyclone near Australia
   C.) An earthquake
   D.) A tropical cyclone near India

Answer: Option 'B'

Tropical cyclone near Australia


An organic rock is

   A.) Coal
   B.) Granite
   C.) Slate
   D.) Marble

Answer: Option 'A'



For which of the following the red sea is an example?

   A.) Residual structure
   B.) Folded structure
   C.) Faulted structure
   D.) Lava structure

Answer: Option 'C'

Faulted structure


What are the plains called that are formed in limestone regions?

   A.) Flood plains
   B.) Peneplains
   C.) Alluvial plains
   D.) Karst plains

Answer: Option 'D'

Karst plains


The isopleths of ......... are called Isohels.

   A.) Flowering time
   B.) Clouds
   C.) Rain
   D.) Sun shine

Answer: Option 'D'

Sun shine


One of the following towns is not the railway station of Canadian Pacific Railway. What is it?

   A.) Vancouver
   B.) San Francisco
   C.) Winning
   D.) Regina

Answer: Option 'B'

San Francisco


Which one of the following is the warm current in the Indian Ocean?

   A.) Agulhas current
   B.) Humboldt current
   C.) Curoshio current
   D.) Labrador current

Answer: Option 'A'

Agulhas current


Most of the people of the middle-east belongs to which group of people

   A.) Negro
   B.) Alpine
   C.) Mediterranean
   D.) Nordic

Answer: Option 'C'


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