World Geography Questions and Answers


Where is Dead sea, a salt water lake, located?

   A.) Between Israel and Jordan
   B.) Between Egypt and Libya
   C.) Between Israel and Lebanon
   D.) Between Morocco and Spain

Answer: Option 'A'

Between Israel and Jordan


What is the world’s largest producer of nitrogenous fertilizer?

   A.) France
   B.) USA
   C.) Japan
   D.) China

Answer: Option 'D'



In the Central valley of Chile, it rains in

   A.) Throughout the year
   B.) In summer
   C.) In winter
   D.) Never

Answer: Option 'C'

In winter


Selene-1, the lunar orbiter mission belongs to

   A.) China
   B.) European union
   C.) Japan
   D.) USA

Answer: Option 'C'



Which of the following is the chief occupation of Brazilians?

   A.) Sugar Production
   B.) Mining
   C.) Producing Coffee
   D.) Sheep rearing

Answer: Option 'C'

Producing Coffee


When one crosses ............, a day is added.

   A.) 180° longitude from east to west
   B.) 180° longitude from west to east
   C.) The equator from north to south
   D.) The equator from south to north

Answer: Option 'A'

180° longitude from east to west


The name of the winds blowing from subtropical high pressure regions to the equator is

   A.) Westerlies
   B.) High latitude easterlies
   C.) Doldrums
   D.) Tropical easterlies

Answer: Option 'D'

Tropical easterlies


The clouds that are more commonly formed in the equatorial rainforests are

   A.) Alto cumulus
   B.) Nimbostratus
   C.) Cumulonibus
   D.) Stratocumulus

Answer: Option 'C'



As a result of solidification of lava, rocks formed deep in the earth are called

   A.) Volcanic rocks
   B.) Metamorphic rocks
   C.) Sedimentary rocks
   D.) Plutonic rocks

Answer: Option 'D'

Plutonic rocks


Where is the biggest meat market of the world?

   A.) Boston
   B.) Chicago
   C.) London
   D.) Winnipeg

Answer: Option 'B'



What does the term ‘Nife’ refer to?

   A.) Core of the earth
   B.) Crust of the earth
   C.) Ocean beds
   D.) Earth quakes

Answer: Option 'A'

Core of the earth


Philadelphia is well known for

   A.) Dairy industry
   B.) Silk textiles
   C.) Locomotives
   D.) Ship-building

Answer: Option 'C'



The largest producer of automobiles is

   A.) China
   B.) Russia
   C.) USA
   D.) Japan

Answer: Option 'C'



When does the thickness of the troposphere increase?

   A.) Autumn
   B.) Winter
   C.) Spring
   D.) Summer

Answer: Option 'D'



The term 'Horse latitudes' is applied to

   A.) 0-5° N and S latitudes
   B.) Polar circles
   C.) 30-40° N and S latitudes
   D.) 40-60° N and S latitudes

Answer: Option 'C'

30-40° N and S latitudes


......... is exported from Halifax.

   A.) Wood and its articles
   B.) Fish and Fruits
   C.) Petroleum
   D.) Wheat

Answer: Option 'A'

Wood and its articles


The doldrums belt is located at

   A.) Equator, poles
   B.) Poles, equator
   C.) Tropic of cancer, Equator
   D.) Tropic of cancer, Tropic of Capricorn

Answer: Option 'A'

Equator, poles


What are the deltas called that are with tooth like projections at their mouths along a straight coast?

   A.) Estuarine
   B.) Cuspate delta
   C.) Bird-foot delta
   D.) Arcuate delta

Answer: Option 'B'

Cuspate delta


The difference between solar day and sidereal day is

   A.) Both are equal
   B.) Solar day longer than sidereal day
   C.) Solar day shorter than sidereal day
   D.) None of the above

Answer: Option 'B'

Solar day longer than sidereal day


What is the main region of South America which produces wheat?

   A.) Columbia
   B.) Brazil
   C.) Peru
   D.) Pampas

Answer: Option 'D'


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