Business Awareness Questions and Answers


Name the first Indian businessman who found place in the cover story of Forbes magazine

   A.) Azim Hasham Premji
   B.) Narayan Murthy
   C.) Dr Reddy
   D.) Anil Ambani

Answer: Option 'A'

Azim Hasham Premji


Which Payments Bank becoming the first bank to offer cash backs on deposits?

   A.) Postal Payments Bank
   B.) Airtel Payments Bank
   C.) Aditya Birla Payments Bank
   D.) Paytm Payments Bank

Answer: Option 'D'

Paytm Payments Bank becoming the first bank to offer cash backs on deposits. Customers will also be offered zero charges on all online transactions and no minimum balance requirement. The Payments Bank plans to roll out 31 branches and 3,000 customer service points in the first year. For savings accounts, it will offer an interest of 4 percent per annum. It will also offer current accounts to its millions of merchants.


Rahul Dravid is associated with the advertising campaign of which bank?

   A.) Bank of Baroda
   B.) Bank of India
   C.) HDFC
   D.) HSBC

Answer: Option 'A'

Bank of Baroda 


Name the Brand that advertises itself with the slogan 'The Vision Of Sound'?

   A.) Samsung TVs
   B.) Thomson TVs
   C.) Sansui TVs
   D.) BPL TVs

Answer: Option 'A'

Samsung TVs


Which company uses tagline "Drive your way" ?

   A.) Yamaha
   B.) Toyota
   C.) Hyundai
   D.) Erickson

Answer: Option 'C'



Grand Vitara XV-7 is a vehicle launched by 

   A.) Maruti Suzuki
   B.) Hyundai
   C.) GM
   D.) Ford

Answer: Option 'A'

Maruti Suzuki


Which news paper has the motto - Journalism of Courage?

   A.) The Indian Express
   B.) The Guardian
   C.) The Washington Post
   D.) The Hindustan Times

Answer: Option 'A'

The Indian Express


Sagem, which has launched mobile phones in India, is a company from?

   A.) China
   B.) Korea
   C.) France
   D.) Italy

Answer: Option 'C'



'Skycar' , a light aerial multi-purpose vehicle, is set to make its world debut in the US. Name the company which has developed the model?

   A.) Rolls Royce
   B.) Moller International
   C.) Audi
   D.) Ford

Answer: Option 'B'

Moller International


Taj Hotels has entered into a marketing alliance with The Shilla Hotels & Resorts of Korea. Shilla Hotels is affiliated to which industrial group?

   A.) Samsung
   B.) Daewoo
   C.) LG
   D.) Hyundai

Answer: Option 'A'


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