Computer Knowledge Practice Test - 1

  • 1. It is a note that acknowledges and accounts for an amount by a person or a company
A.) debit note
B.) credit note
C.) sales note
D.) purchase note

Answer: Option 'B'

credit note

  • 2. It is an indirect tax on goods, introduced in lieu of sales tax, to ensure transparency and greater compliance
A.) tax
B.) income tax
C.) value Added Tax
D.) indirect tax

Answer: Option 'C'

value Added Tax

  • 3. This is a tax paid on purchases
A.) input tax
B.) output tax
C.) input credit
D.) output credit

Answer: Option 'A'

input tax

  • 4. This is a tax charged on sales
A.) input tax
B.) output tax
C.) input credit
D.) output credit

Answer: Option 'B'

output tax

  • 5. Which of the following is the greatest advantage of coaxcabling?
A.) High security
B.) Physical dimensions
C.) Long distance
D.) Easily tapped

Answer: Option 'C'

Long distance

  • 6. Which one of the following types of coax cabling has two outer conductors or shields, and offers greater resistance and decreased attention?
A.) STP coax
B.) Dual - shielded coax
C.) Multi - shielded coax
D.) Bi-coax

Answer: Option 'B'

Dual - shielded coax

  • 7. Which of the following can trasmit data at speeds of up to 16 Mbps?
A.) Category 1 UTP
B.) Category 2 UTP
C.) Category 3 UTP
D.) Category 4 UTP

Answer: Option 'D'

Category 4 UTP

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