Current Affairs-12-September-2016

  • 1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently cancelled the certificate of registration of how many non-banking financial companies (NBFCs)?
A.) 5
B.) 6
C.) 7
D.) 8

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 2. The First edition of Internet of Things (IoT) India Congress was recently held in which city?
A.) New Delhi
B.) Bengaluru
C.) Hyderabad
D.) Chennai

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 3. CBDT recently launched electronic resolution facility for online redressal of taxpayers’ grievances called ____
A.) e-TaxRedress
B.) e-TaxFilling
C.) e-Nirvan
D.) e-Nivaran

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 4. ‘CM Scooty Scheme’, a scheme to support women in colleges who come from economically backward people to continue their education was launched in which state?
A.) Haryana
B.) Bihar
C.) Jammu and Kashmir
D.) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option 'C'

Jammu and Kashmir

  • 5. 45th Skoch Merit Award and Skoch Smart Governance Gold Award, 2016 was won by which state?
A.) Jharkhand
B.) Odisha
C.) Kerala
D.) Telangana

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 6. The 6 th IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 was hosted by which city recently?
A.) Honolulu
B.) Maldives
C.) Colombo
D.) Rio

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 7. Which state won the 9 th Global Agriculture Leadership Award 2016?
A.) Andhra Pradesh
B.) Maharashtra
C.) Karnataka
D.) Odisha

Answer: Option 'D'


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