SBI Clerk mains and PO 2016 | Current Affairs SET - 07

  • 1. Who was appointed as Managing Director of State Bank of Mysore,
A.) Arundati Bhattacharya
B.) J.P. Mishra
C.) N.K. Chari
D.) Deepak Mehta

Answer: Option 'C'

J.P. Mishra

  • 2. World Environment Day is celebrated on 
A.) June 5
B.) July 5
C.) Feb 15
D.) Sep 21

Answer: Option 'A'

June 5

  • 3. Name Indian boxing champion died recently
A.) Muhammad Ali
B.) Mike Tyson
C.) Rocky Marciano
D.) Joe Frazier

Answer: Option 'A'

Muhammad Ali

  • 4. P.M Narendra Modi is going to visit Afghanistan as part of his 5 - country visit. Who is president of Afghanistan?
A.) Mohammad Abbas
B.) Ashraf Ghani
C.) Yousaff Khan
D.) Sheik Salem

Answer: Option 'B'

Ashraf Ghani

  • 5. The RSS has chosen which day in this year, for adapting their new uniform.
A.) Diwali
B.) Pongal
C.) Vijaya Dashami
D.) Ganesh Chaturdhi

Answer: Option 'C'

Vijaya Dashami

  • 6. The chief Minister of Haryana launched Asia's first â€‹'Gyps' vulture which place?
A.) Pinjore
B.) Chattisgarh
C.) Delhi
D.) Luchnow

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 7. To mark the 3rd anniversary of which online shopping zone, India post has released a stamp called "My stamp"?
A.) Flipkart
B.) Snapdeal
C.) Amazon India
D.) Paytm

Answer: Option 'C'

Amazon India

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