Analogy Questions and Answers : Logical Reasoning

In each of the following questions, there is some relationship between the two terms to left of:: and the Same relationship continues between the two terms to its right. Also in each question, one term either To the right of:: or to the left of it is missing. This term is given as one of the alternatives given below Each question. Find out the missing term.

  • B : F : : E : …………
    A.) H B.) T
    C.) I D.) J
    Answer: Option 'C'

  • BH : KQ : : FL : ……….
    A.) PV B.) PQ
    C.) SV D.) SQ
    Answer: Option 'A'

  • BDF : GIK : : PRT : ……………..
    A.) UVW B.) UVZ
    C.) UWY D.) UWX
    Answer: Option 'C'

  • GrtK : KtrG : : FjbH : ………..
    A.) HbjF B.) HnbF
    C.) FbjH D.) HjbF
    Answer: Option 'A'

  • Ppk : kPP : : Llm : ………..
    A.) mlL B.) LmM
    C.) mLL D.) lMl
    Answer: Option 'C'

Logical Reasoning Topics
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