Directions Test Questions and Answers : Logical Reasoning

  • 1. Siva Reddy walked 2 km west of his house and then turned south covering 4 km. Finally, He moved 3 km towards east and then again 1 km west. How far is he from his initial position?
A.) 10 km
B.) 9 km
C.) 2 km
D.) 4 km

Answer: Option 'D'

4 km

  • 2. A man went 10 kms towads South. Then turned East and covered 10 kms and turned to the right. Again after 10 kms, he turned to left and covered 10 kms to reach the destination. How far is he from his starting point?
A.) 18.8 km
B.) 28.28 km
C.) 16 km
D.) 20 km

Answer: Option 'B'

Distance from A to B = ?[(AC)2 + (BC)2] = ?
[202 + 202] = ?800 20?2 = 20 × 1.414 = 28.28 km

  • 3. Rajesh’s school bus is facing North when reaches his school. After starting from Rajesh’s house, it turning twice and then left before reaching the school. What direction the bus facing when it left the bus stop in front of Rajesh’s house?
A.) East
B.) North
C.) South
D.) West

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 4. Anil wants to go the university. He starts from his house which is in the East and comes to a crossing. The road to his left ends in a theatre, straight ahead is the hospital. In which direction is the University?
A.) East
B.) North
C.) South
D.) West

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 5. If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on, what will West become?
A.) North
B.) East
C.) South-East
D.) North-West

Answer: Option 'C'


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