Symbols and Notations Questions & Answers : Reasoning

Instructions (1-2) :-

Thease questions are based on the following information.

( I ) 'A * B' means 'A is brother of B'

( II ) 'A / B' means 'B is mother of A'

( III ) 'A – B' means 'A is father of B'

( IV ) 'A + B' means 'B is sister of A'

  • Which of the following means L is daughter of H?
    A.) L + K / J – H B.) H – J * R + L
    C.) L – J * H / K D.) L + W * R / H
    Answer: Option 'B'


    H – J * R + L

    L -> Sister R ,

    R -> Brother J,

    J -> Fother H

    Therefore, L is daughter of H.

  • How is S related to T in the Expression: T / P + S ?
    A.) Daughter B.) Sister
    C.) Niece D.) Aunt
    Answer: Option 'D'


    T / P + S

    S -> Sister P ,
    P -> Mother T

    Therefore, P is the mother of T and S is the sister of P.

    Then S is Aunt of T.

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